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  1. Hello mate, im from Cardiff and I fixed mine using a Nokia 3210 data cable bought from ebay for about £3 delivered this is going to be cheaper than posting your drive to someone and them then posting it back to you. If you would like to give it a go yourself feel free to pm me any questions you have. If you are not sure about doing it yourself I would be willing to do it if you post your drive to me but tbh would only do this if no one closer to you can fix it for you as I no how unreliable royal mail are. PM me if you like
  2. hi guys i might try this, as seagate still not getting back to me. I cant see my HDD in windows or bios and the victoria prog that fatlip suggested worked first but now avg says its a trojan so i didnt even get to try it with my affected HDD. I have a Mator diamondmax22 500gb STM3500320AS and aviko assures me that this technique here for the seagate will work for me also. as they're both the same drives. i cant see my HDD in windows or bios. where can I get the parts I need in the UK. Any british people here who have done this with success post back here? thanks Im British and I done it successfully had a bit of a problem at first but a member on here "Anth" guided me through it whos also from GB. He recommended me a 3210 data cable (must be a manual switch 1 not auto) I bought 1 of these which was listed as manual but was an auto switching cable so it was no good so Anth sent me a cable he had. I just used the RX & TX and powered the hdd from another pc psu.
  3. maxjix I had the same problem as you mine was happening because I was typing the commands in wrong.
  4. Sorted my problem now thanks to Anth! all working now cheers everyone
  5. When I go into hyper terminal and press ctrl & z this comes up F3 T> then when I type F3 T>/2 (enter) this shows up and I cant do anything else LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67 any ideas? does enter in brackets mean press enter? thanks
  6. sorry not sure what happend there the firmware code is SD15 not sure where the 08315 come from tbh! and its an oem drive
  7. Mine died yesterday I bought it the end of september 2008 from overclockers, was working fine the night before turned it on yesterday morning and nothing! tried it with a caddy and it kept saying the usb device has malfunctioned this is the info off it S/N 9QM69YWS5 ST3500320AS P/N 9BX154-303 Firmware SD1508315 Date Code 09085 Site Code KRATSG Product Of Thailand this is my first time posting here I only registered due to the thread so if I have done anything wrong or missed out any information etc please let me know. cheers

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