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  1. Ok the problem has been fixed after replacing that burnt component. thks.
  2. Hi, Attached are pictures of a HDD that has a burnt pcb chip. The HDD when connected to the pc would cause the PC to not power on at all. Would like to know if anyone had this problem before how this can be fixed? I read that chip can be removed and drive should work. Or is there a way to replace the chip? Thanks,
  3. For Singaporeans, If you need to use HD Doctor send me a message I will fix the drive for you. I've fixed 2 drives so far. regards,
  4. Anyone have this software to try? or have already tried it? http://www.hdd-tools.com/products/rrs/ I will look into it later after I get my new HDD and OS up and running
  5. I think not enough people are bugging seagate with this drives problem. I got this reply from the customer service "At this time we are not aware of any issues with these drives. If the drive has failed and you can either call or go on line to take care of the warranty on the drive."
  6. Spec of my Seagate 500GB Drive at my office which is still working its installed inside DELL precision 490. ??:9QM18X5T:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08337:KRATSG:not sure(at leat 1 year old):still working:OEM:harwin:Singapore:still working fine Its currenlty being used mainly as a backup. I've had it for about a year at leat. My home one was being used a boot/OS drive. Hope it help. **** I should get another backup drive for my office pc before this fails thanks
  7. Hi all, Mine failed yesterday... wake up in the morning turn on pc and its not working anymore. My info below. ??:9QM8GLKQ:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09174:KRATSG:14NOV2008:11Jan2008:OEM:harwin:Singapore:no detect in bios I have 500GB at my office I believe its also a Segate but was purchase 1 year ago, no problem with it. I will check the specs on it and update here. If any Singaporean is getting the HDDoctor let me know. thanks for the help,