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  1. Yesterday morning my 1T 7200.12 started giving me problems, click during access then I had to reset my system- it was running W7 64 from a Nexstar external dock in sata mode. The drive was about 8 months old. I wanted to transfer as much data onto a new w7 OS so I swapped out the "bad" hd and put a new 7200.12 that I bought at the same time but surprise ! that was clicking from the start, impossible to even boot while it was connected. On a hunch I put that new unformatted clicking 7200.12 in a thermaltake duet external docking station that I use for convience and it was solid.I was able to format and install the w7 64 OS that I wanted on the new drive using the other docking station. I hooked the hd that was starting to give problems directly in my system and was able to copy everything off it with no problems. I am now using that same hd in the thermaltake external docking station on the same sata connection and everything seems fine. I ran the system tools disk check and defragment with no problems or errors to report. It might seem that it was the nexstar external docking station that was the cause of my problems- maybe the sata circuit goes bad and everything is accessible though another circuit/ device. I just want to post this experience because I know how bad it can be to lose your hd, and that it might not be the hd but the interface/device instead. I hope this helps.Good luck
  2. Re-awakening the 7200.11 is not as hard as it might seem without trying. Yes, there is some risk, risk that you fail to follow the instructions in this thread and screw up; but otherwise I will say it is up to you to mitigate that risk. Send the drive to seagate and lose your data; send it somewhere else, lose some money and maybe get/lose your data,or, keep your money and your drive and see what you can do by yourself. The wise choice should be clear. Good luck.
  3. of course you should be able to substitute; HP wants you to stay with the standard configuration; but screw'em, it's your computer.
  4. Hi Hub 99; I am happy to hear you solved your problem; I have about 8 7200.11s maybe; I had to apply the rs232 fix on one and the rest of the affected versions I upgraded the firmware. I have not had any further issues with my seagates.
  5. Funny thing; I have the same motherboard; this morning it wouldn't connect either- I had no problems with it for months. I have a separate windows installion on another hd that I booted to and it worked fine. I ended up switching the the cable to my other port then disabled/ enabled my network card in hardware properties and it worked. It's just odd, that we have the same motherboard with network problems. Probabally is driver related.
  6. a friendly word of advice... take the time to get the right equiptment and tools; practice soldering before you ruin any equiptment, see if you have a friend who can help show you the correct technique. print out and understand the recovery solution you are going to use- then, when you are ready, recover your hard drive. if you try to rush or short-cut through things you increase your risk of ending up with a dead drive.
  7. I think they could've made the recovery adapter free provided the user paid shipping and handling.
  8. don't get your hopes up with the source; it is more about upselling electronic device eg alarm cloks and crap like that- than electronic equptment; the jumpers you might find are too big for the requirements of the pcb. I can recomend ordering from sparkfun in the states; got my convertor in about a week and wish I had ordered the jumpers too, but I made due.
  9. That is a good thing to keep in mind; for their shortcomings- they do exhibit an unusual resillience
  10. Seems a lot of folk here are being helped here with their problems with their seagate hdd. Seems to me to be unpaid technical support. I would like to suggest seagate owes MSFN some compensation, including some key posters. Seagate needs to man-up for their deficient tech support. Maybe they should purchase some advertising space here. Any rate, if you are reading this and from Seagate you should be aware that is this customers opinion.
  11. wonderful ! I have stuff backed up on older es2's and wondered what to do if they come down with 7200.11 "sickness". Thank you
  12. you can communicate with the drive via diagnostics ? the seagate iso ?
  13. So, this is just as simple as make a third wire from the ground on the RS232 Board where the power is connected and connect that third wire to the ground pin on the PCB. Thats It? That Simple? I followed the instructions literally as they were posted; post #37 fatlip said you had to have power to to the pcb; I used a sata power from my desktop power supply while I was communicating using a separate laptop. obviously, with power connected you have to be very careful. please note I am not saying do this or don't do that; I am only saying what I did to get my hdd back. please be careful.
  14. ok; gradius explained there is a command that comes from the head that locks up the sata terminal. by my own experience, when I isolated the motor I was still unable to bring back my drive; when I removed the pcb I observed there was an ic on the base of the hdd that matched a contact on the pcb (I would take a pic and upload; but I am now using the drive and don't want to take it apart and risk any problems)- I was able to proceed and sucessfully recover my hdd by using the original method outlined in post #1 with the pcb off. I believe on my speciffic model of hdd that ic was for the head, not the motor.
  15. One thing there; you seem intent on flaming the fellow who helped us here. The 1st post here was by gradius2 who detailed the items required and proceedure that I used to bring my hdd back. Where were you ? I come back here to say thanks and perhaps see if there are any people who may need some help and find half your posts flaming the one fellow who helped here. That is not very nice. Stop your war, you are too late. I am sure your friends will have enough business to fill their pockets many times over because of the issue with the seagate 7200.11 hard drives. Perhaps you could start your own thread here detailling your way of helping people, because you seem to be cluttering up the thread here. OK ? bye.

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