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  1. (not good English) I have got a Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit DVD. It is not untouched. Must this DVD be untouched? There is a folder which named "crack". Another question My DVD hasn't got SP1. I'm using vLite 1.2. I want to slipstream SP1 to my DVD. For this, there must be wimgapi.dll in pogram files\vlite. What must be wimgapi.dll's version? 6.6001?? 6.6000??
  2. There is a trojan in this file! Kaspersky Internet Security.
  3. Hi. I've integrated softwares to wpi. What must I do now? How can I integrate this wpi to XP CD?
  4. I've downloaded a language pack from Microsoft's Web site and I want to insert this language pack to my Vista DVD. How can I do it? The file's extension which I downloaded is "exe" but vLite accepts "cab". How can I do it?
  5. berksancan

    Why error?

    Isn't there any answer?
  6. berksancan

    Why error?

    Hi. I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit. (Turkish) I copied wimgapi.dll to C:\Program Files\vLite. I wanted to clean some components but I've received an error on vLite. (vLite's version: 1.2 Final) Why?

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