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  1. Can you please link me to the tool that reactivates the drive? I can't find it. sorry! concerning $eagate it was a great mistake to write 'offers now'
  2. today, on germany's largest it news site heise online you can find a reply from seagate about different harddisk series hangouts. suddenly seagate admits issues with their harddisk and will offer a tool to reactivate the affected drives! greetings pantera
  3. They don't talk about the main problem who is "not detected by BIOS" or(and) "View in the bios with 0GB and not accessible). PS: could you send me by PM the details of the professional from Germany to repair my HDD. Thx Gilles You are right! But Seagte's responds gives me hope they solve the BUSY/LBA0 problem, too.
  4. >Seagate Responds to Freezing HDDs http://www.tomshardware.com/news/seagate-b...ezing,6582.html
  5. Sorry. I wanted to prevent spamming about a professional because this board is working on a solution without hd doctor/pc3000 udma. My repair costs was negotiated less then 100€ + tax and shipment.
  6. Hi, my Barracuda 7200.11 (Firmware SD15, about 3 month old) was also infected (2009/1/1) by Seagate's Data-Recovery printing money BUSY feature. After reading a few different threads about this, I registered for the salvationData board in hope to get some more information to solve this issue by myself via the terminal. On the salvationData board I met a guy who is, especially for germans (maybe for europeans) very helpful, because he has bought the latest version of the HD Doctor for Seagate. Yesterday, I sent him my HD. Just 24 hours later, he replies the disk is doing well again, after he has processed it with HD Doctor. If someone is interested, I will send the URL by PM, because the guy (now Hero) is very new in this business oneself (but not a beginner).