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  1. This is not possible for most of us, who have drives bricked so bad no bios can see them. I have 6 boxes in my work room right now and 5 of them have different chipsets but not one single one can see this bricked Seagate, so no firmware fix will work for me.
  2. My drive is bricked and their SN checker reports that I am affected. Their next step is to do something about it.
  3. Nice to see a KB article about it.... 3-12 months too late, but still something. When they officially announce free data recovery I'll be a little less irate/ready for litigation, but only after they fix the tens of thousands of drives they knowingly released this way. Still never buying another Seagate product, no sir.
  4. The problem is that these drives fail to come back after powering off, no detect in bios or stuck at 0gb detection failure, so theoretically the next time you power the drive up it could be dead.
  5. In response to a couple of private message posts I attempted to run the 500gb internal on the same freeagent desktop sata->usb connector board from my disassembled external drive, but this time with it sata 1.5mbps jumpered. I'm sorry to report the same result: failure without any detection or response in any way.
  6. Back up your data your drive is going to die. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 3 months, but it's coming.
  7. Failure. It was a Freeagent Desktop 7200.10 250gb but the drive I'm trying to resurrect is a 7200.11 500gb, so I'm sure that is why I didn't get any response in windows no matter what variables I tried with cables and connections. Taking apart the drive was easy if you're not too squeamish about destroying a stout plastic housing or two with a sharp knife and using a tiny screwdriver on the vital bits. Took me about 20 minutes. Also tried plugging up the drive back on normal sata afterward hoping that the sata-usb controller might have reset the drive somehow but nah, nothing. Still bricked, but I tried.
  8. I've got a seagate freeagent 250gb external USB enclosure with a drive currently in it. I will research how to disassemble this and do it here in a few hours hopefully, then plug the brick drive up and report on my results. Wish me luck.
  9. I can take more pics if necessary. Hope this one is good enough.
  10. Keddar my PCB label is identical to yours. Also OEM, also purchased from Newegg. And sorry about country (I'm in USA of course), I saw other people in the list writing MADE IN and assumed thats what it was for.
  11. 9QM5V5HQ:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09071:KRATSG:(04/Nov/08):(09/Jan/09):BigSilverHotdog:PRODUCT OF THAILAND This is bloody ridiculous guys, it didn't take me long to find my way here, but now that I am here and I've read every post in this thread in addition to about 6 other forums (including the censored official seagate forum and newegg's) I've come to the conclusion that, no matter what actually has happened, fraud or the biggest labeling mistake in recorded human history, seagate is now actively trying to suppress information about this issue. My first inkling my 6 week old 500gb might be dying was when I rebooted my computer into a DISK BOOT FAILURE -- the drive had stopped being detected by bios so I tried multiple sata cables, power supplies, and 5 different motherboards in a vain attempt to save some of my data. I tried the old freezer trick too, but by that time I was pretty sure it was a serious manufacturing defect or failure that had caused the crash. My wife lost a lot of valuable data with this crash, and though we have some backups, some data is gone for good. I had used speedfan to monitor smart performance less than 72 hours before, and the readings were all excellent. Such a rapid failure and lack of apparent hardware damage (no clicks, warbling, et al) leads me to believe the data might still be recoverable with a firmware flash. So where the %*!% (%)#@$ !$^!@$%^*&*!@%^ is Seagate in all of this? Seagate has lost my business FOREVER, and I've been using Seagate since 1998. I've also been recommending them to customers, family, and friends, but man, this is one story that's going to come out at every lan party I ever go to for the rest of my life. And it's not even over yet. I only registered tonight, but I'm gonna be here for the entire long haul. I got this one bookmarked. I really cannot wait to see how it ends. We're not even going to try an RMA. I trust that the community will figure out something here far more than I do that Seagate might actually care about my defective product or data loss. I've already read way too many stories here and elsewhere about that whole farce. Am I allowed to say "f*** you seagate" on this forum? Please? Pretty please with sugar on? I was so nice and careful with the rest of my post!
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