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  1. I plugged the hdd in another controller and it was detected normally. So it is neither locked nor does it have the busy problem. But now I won't use it anyway knowing it could fail anytime. Sorry ToKuRo, now you are alone again with your SD81
  2. no, I think in the list is at least one with a SD81, too the Maxtor enclosure could be especially "tuned" for the barracuda, because Maxtor belongs to Seagate so I don't know if it works with any other enclosure to straighten that out: I don't know if my hdd is really "busy" or if it's locked somehow by Maxtor/Seagate to work in the enclosure only, the only thing I know is it works in the enclosure, but not with my mainboard (Gigabyte GA-K8N51PVMT-9 with nForce 430) if anyone has any USB external SATA enclosure, please test it with your "busy" barracuda and report back
  3. hi all, I'm from germany and bought an external USB drive "Maxtor Basics Desktop 500 GB" two month ago a few days ago i wanted to speed up the drive by removing it from the external case and using it as a normal internal hdd after breaking it open the case revealed a ST3500320AS with firmware SD81 made in China I attached it to my mainboard and voila, the bios didn't recognize the hdd plugged back into the case it worked again. Maybe the hdd is locked or something to work only inside the external case or could it be possible, that it suffers from the busy problem, but the controller in the external case can read it anyway? Someone here could try his hdd in an external case. the Maxtor Basics Desktop seems to be sold only in europe I'll provide the exact data for the list next week, cause I'm not at my office over the weekend
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