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  1. Hi together, I think the KernelEX from Xeno86 is realy the best software in the last two years. I think Xeno86 is a candidate for the software avard 2009!!! The software is not perfect but it works well under some conditions (90%) and Millions of users can take advantage of new software on their old systems. This is also a big market expansion for some software companies and her products. What is your opinion?
  2. It's possible to send me this file?
  3. ... clear and straight ahead answer! I like that!! Yes! thank's Tihiy.
  4. What should I say that? Sorry, I do not understand this response. it mean to import into kernel32.dll with C++ Ok?! Sorry, I'm not a programmer. And I have no C++ Compiler. And I down't know, how this program works. It's possible to find athoner way/solution? Many thanks.
  5. What should I say that? Sorry, I do not understand this response.
  6. Hi experts, I use KernelEx now for several months. I have no significant problems without onyl one. But at first my system configuration. System: Win98 SE, V 4.10.2222 A Internet: Firefox 3.10 Firewall: Savety.Net Antivirus: Avast Other Software: Open Office 3.x, Acrobat Reader 6.0.4, Realplayer 10, Quicktime 6.5.2, Windows Media Player (WM) 9.0, ... I would like to update the WM 9.0 Microsoft. This download is available to customers running genuine Microsoft Windows. But after I start this MS-Software (GenuineCheck.EXE) the software reports an error "missing Export-Kernel32.DLL:HeapSetInformation". Question: How can I start this program with KernelEX ??? (I have disabled the support of KernelEx in the option windows for that program). Thank you for your support.
  7. Hi Xeno86, thanks for your quick responce. Sorry, I finde the Uninstall in the Control Panel. My mistake. Thanks alot for the other tip e.g."compatibility mode". Now it works fine. I think a list of usable programms under W98 and KernelEX is present in the Form "Last version of Software for Windows 98SE". This list can be a starting point for some expansion for next versions or new programs that works with KernelEX. Question: Tihiy has developed the "Revolutions Pack". This pack dosn't work with KernelEX. Is it possible that this two software packs can work together?
  8. Realy nice job! Congratulations for Xeno85 and Tihiy. The software works greate. Ooo 3.0.1 and other software is now useable under W98. I miss a little documentation for the "Core.INI". For some situations I think is better to diable or Uninstall KernelEx. Also I miss a simple Uninstall-Function. To help to complete the list of usable programs I list my configuration as follow: My configuration: OS System Windows 98 Second Edition MS Kernel Version 4.10.2222.2225 KernelEx-Version Installed Programs: 7-Zip File Manager Adobe Reader ( Adobe Flashplayer 11 Gimp Graphics 2.2.17 GTK+ (Gimp Environment) 2.6.10 Open Office 3.0.1 Sun JAVA Runtime Environment PDFCreator 0.9.7 MS Windows Installer 2.0.2600.2 MS Media Player The VLC Media Player 0.9.8a (Open Source Media Player: http://www.videolan.org) dosn't work. Actual a dont know, its a problem of Videolan or a problem of KernelEX.
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