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  1. Has anyone tried the update on a PC where the drive is not visible in BIOS? In other words tried the "S" (IIRC) to scan for drives, and see if it appears. Perhaps the firmware updater can see the drive, even though BIOS can't. im no IT pro but i think thats pretty much unlikely. if the bios cant detect the drive how can a application see it? i might be wrong and i hope that i am but i dont have the know how to attempt this and risk further damaging the drive. any suuggestions
  2. okay if the update is only for recognized hard drives, what do the ppl whose drives arent recognized do?
  3. okay it seems that there is a fix but i still dont understand how ppl r doing it. my drive is bricked and no other machine can recognize it not even in an external enclosure can some one pls help me. i have fotos and important data on this drive and dont have a clue on how to retrieve it. pls help.
  4. it finally seems that seagate is s*****g in their pants, good for them my issue is that using their online serial number checker it says that my drive is not affected how can that be? a anybody else got the same response?
  5. hello to all, first of all i would like to say that what is being done here is admirable. it just drives me crazy that seagate does not give us a hand and ignores our growing problem. screw them. i add my drive on the list hopefully through our efforts we can figure something out. SerialNumber:Model:P/N:Firmware:DateCode:SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:USername 9QM2CHR4::ST3500320AS::9BX154-303::SD15::08382::KRATSG::August-08::Nov-Dec-08::caba212 not sure when it died wasnt home happened to my wife but had to be late nov early dec. one day turned on PC and wasnt recognized in the bios, tried in external closure to no avail. very frustrating.
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