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  1. I have one of the retail drives that failed. Even so, there is a note in the middle "This drive is manufactured by Seagate for OEM distro", but it came in retail packaging, guess they make all drives the same and OEM drives are thrown into a pile without packaging.
  2. Mine was made in Thailand. The 7200.9 I had was made in Singapore.
  3. I'll contribute to this patterned list below. I'll have to find the rest of the information when I get home. I had maybe 100gb on the drive, just for gaming. Not much. Had been running for two months. I put the thing into hibernate, and then a min later brought it out of hibernate and then whoops, it is not detected in BIOS anymore. I can't use it with an external enclosure, either. It spins up fine, just not detected. Below is system setup just for reference. FYI I picked this up from MicroCenter, retail box. This was the OS drive, the jumper was still in there. All drives running fine. After I put in the WD drive, I was doing some work with it, but not sure how long it had been since WD drive was in there, but shortly after, the Seagate bombed. Going to stick with WD Black drives now - 500 W PSU (OCZ500SXS) - GA-EP45-UD3P with E8400 - MSI R4850-512MB - three SATA hard drives (7200.11, 7200.9, WD Green) - 2x1gb OCZ memory DDR2 800 - WinXP SP3 x86 SerialNumber:Model:P/N:Firmware:DateCode:SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:USername =========================================================== 9QM7VZBP:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09146 (09/Oct/2008):KRATSG:Oct2008:24Dec2008:poolcarpet 9QM6X90B:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09115 (17/Sep/2008):KRATSG:Oct2008:28Dec2008:DaftMule 9QM6W2JE:ST3500320AS: - :SD15: - : - :5Dec2008:19Dec2008:DerSnoezie 9QM4G4PK:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08503 (16/Jun/2008):KRATSG:Aug2008:Nov2008:dskbrk 9QM3RWHJ:ST3500320AS:9BX154-568:SD81:08464 (20/May/2008):KRATSG:Aug2008:23Dec2008:ToKuRo 9QM7KSQJ:ST3500320AS:9BX154-501:SD15:09134 (30/Sep/2008):KRATSG:28Oct2008:07Jan2009:jeroen__online 9QM2MFS6:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08406 (10/Apr/2008):KRATSG:12Apr2008:23Dec2008:quattro150 9QJ0XJ01:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:08496 (??):KRATSG:Aug/Sep2008:8Jan2009:Nichev 9QM717SF:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09114:KRATSG:13Oct2008:14Dec2008:PrOdiGy1 9QJ1LESR:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:09063:KRATSG:Nov2008:27Dec2008:AVINNC 9QJ1AGEV:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:08515(2/Jul/2008):KRATSG:Aug2008:Dec2008:Ruddrage 9QM6354J:ST3500820AS:9BX134-505:SD15:09084:KRATSG:July2008:20Dec2008:rainshower 9QM33FL8:STM3500320AS:9GT154-325:MX15:08396:KRTASG:Sep2008:30Dec2008:fabio.cillo 9QM*****:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08367:KRATSG:Dec2007:Dec2008:Death_Angel 9QK*****:ST3750630AS:9BX146-621:HP24:08511:TK:Oct2008:7Jan2009:Taiketo 5QJ*****:ST1000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:09121:WUXISG:October2008:28Dec2008:Styleman 9QM8DRHL:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15: - (13/Oct/2008):KRATSG:06Dec2008:24Dec2008:roadstarter 9QM6****:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09076(21Aug2008):KRATSG:15Oct2008:29Dec2008:labraticmp3 9QM6****:ST3500320AS: - : SD15 - : - : Oct2008:2Jan2008:eli2k
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