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  1. cheers pichi. i will give it a try and let you know what happens but i am almost resigned to it being lost forever now
  2. yes that is the one i used eventually, along with the other you mentioned earlier in this thread
  3. simply because the firmware update on cd did not work and i am just trying other things out. either way when i shut down and powercycle the computer, i am still told in the POST screen i am running SD15 and i have no idea why
  4. right scratch all that. just tried the official sd1a update again via a flash drive and the flasher told me everything went fine and to power cycle the drive. did so and yet it still shows SD15 upon the next boot :/ it should be noted that the flashing did seem too quick. only took about 5 seconds which does not seem right to me
  5. yep i managed to get that far, was just wondering what flasher you were referring to earlier in this thread though as the one in the zip for me is FDL462a and you didn't mention it. where could i find the stable ones? the one in the official seagate firmware pack is FDL462b, but the official sd1a did not work on my drive at all. i have no idea why. any recommendations on how i should proceed?
  6. .exe is inside .ZIP file from .img ! there is no .zip inside my .img file :/ or do i have to open the .img file in poweriso as well as extracting it and creating the [boot] folder? yeah that is what i had to do. can see the zip folder now in poweriso. the flasher is actually FDL462a, is that not a stable release? i know you did not mention it in your post, just seems a lot of versions away! also i did try flashing with the one from the seagate KB site but it couldn't seem to get my drive details for the bootable pen drive. i found a pretty good guide (considering it is pretty hard to format them if you don't have a floppy drive and are on vista!): How to format a usb pen drive
  7. all you will get from seagate support via email is a blanket email (if any response at all). i thought this was old news. the only way to get any sort of interactive feedback is via the telephone support (and from my experience they usually will not be much use either until you ask to talk to a supervisor)
  8. thanks for that mini guide! unfortunately i have got a little bit confused. i managed to extract the .iso fine using 7-zip and also the Bootable_1.44M.img. i cannot see any flasher .exes in the newly extracted files though. any thoughts? These are the only files i see: Clicky (ignore the mac theme ) also sorry i just noticed you edited your post after i made this reply. you mention the link you posted is for the moose family? is there any way of finding out which one i need or do i have to try different ones?
  9. You'll need to check the flasher (.exe) program. Stable release is FDL456b.exe, bad one is FDL456.exe. Used FDL457.exe to force a downgrade. sorry, but i have no idea how to do that. if i extract the .iso all i get is a drivedetect exe and a readme file. which flasher was the one in your link above? the firmware update i used is the one you linked to above. was that the wrong one?
  10. just tried updating the firmware on my ST3500320AS drive and i get these: Attempting to read binary file: SD1AMOOS.LOD Timed out Resetting device... and then it just hangs there. any ideas why?
  11. yes that should be free. it is the one i called for hours and didnt get charged. in skype just call "+18007324283" actually i just noticed the numbers are slightly different. are you sure the one you gave in your post is correct? because it is not recognised. looks like there is an extra 4 in there
  12. in terms of the phone number, if it is a 1.800 number you can ring it via skype for no charge. if not then you will probably end up with quite a big phone bill....
  13. excellent work gradius! looking forward to seeing the pictures!
  14. i do not know for sure but i doubt it? if the drive cannot be detected then it is pretty hard to apply firmware.... It detected fine on BIOS, but at the end of POST, it returned "drive not ready", and I couldn't access my datas anymore. yep that was my point - the drive you applied the new firmware to was not in the BSY state, like others have been
  15. i do not know for sure but i doubt it? if the drive cannot be detected then it is pretty hard to apply firmware....