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  1. Are you sure your SATA cable / port is working? Did you try it on a different PC? Yes, they work. I have other SATA disks and if I attach some of them to the Sata port they run without any problem. I've been reading about Victoria for Windows. I will try this program in the affected disk to see if it is really in busy state or it has any other problem. (I'm not familiar with the use of Victoria but I hope it can give me some clue).
  2. Hi, I have fixed several 7200.11 ST3500320AS SD15 500GB drives since the busy problem happeded and the solution was posted in this forum. All drives worked fine after fixing and I recovered all data correctly (I'm talking about 6-8 drives I'm not sure). But recently I have experienced a strange behaviour with two drives: I follow EXACTLY the same steps as usual and apparently the problem is solved but when I connect the drive to the computer the drive isn't still recognized. During fixing steps I got correct feedback from drive on hyperterminal according to the tutorials, (I got no errors or strange messages), but no matter how many times I repeat the process the drive remains busy. Or at least not recognized in BIOS. I assume that serial adapter is working fine because I got response from drive on hyperterminal, in fact I recovered one drive after the first one that failed in fixing it. Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you all and excuse my spelling mistakes so I'm not english-speaking.
  3. Supongo que en arranque de windows intenta cargar algo del disco duro SATA (intenta acceder a este disco duro o a D:): acceder a algun servicio, cargar algun programa, algun scandisk, etc. Si no has arreglado el problema LBA0 (0GB), tienes todavia un problema de acceso al disco duro. En el arranque, tras la BIOS de la placa base, ¿el disco duro SATA te aparece con el tamaño correcto? Efectivamente, el problema venía porque me faltaba corregir el error LBA(0), lo he hecho y ya he recuperado todos los datos. Muchísimas gracias Pichi
  4. Hola, he conseguido arreglar el problema BSY, ahora el PC ya detecta el disco. Lo que me sucede ahora es que windows no termina de arrancar. Tengo el SO en un disco IDE y si arranco sólo con él windows arranca con normalidad, si conecto el Seagate como digo el PC me lo detecta pero se queda junto antes de que aparezca la ventana de inicio de sesión. En modo a prueba de errores tampoco llega a iniciarse windows. El PC no lleva controladora SATA integrada, tengo una controladora PCI que funcionaba con normalidad antes del asunto este, además seguro que está bien porque cuando me falló el Seagate me compré otro disco (de otra marca por supuesto) y ese funciona correctamente en dicha controladora. ¿A alguien más le sucede esto?, ¿sabéis a qué puede ser debido?. Gracias.
  5. I have started a brute force attack to the rar file with a password recovery utility to try to find the password...
  6. For Seagate drives only ATA password recovery is supported: http://www.hdd-tools.com/products/rrs/drives/seagate/
  7. Does anybody know what type of connector/interface uses the solution from salvation data to fix the BSY problem? If it is a standard RS232 adapter like some people are using or trying to find, perhaps someone could get a copy of the software. I would pay some for it with pleasure. I know is not fair for salvationdata but I think it is not fair as well to pay thousand of dollars/euros for a product that whe are going to use only once in our whole lifes. On the other hand, if salvation data would sell a cheaper solution with only the needed adapter and a patch to fix the ST3500320AS-SD15 drive, I'm sure it would have thousands of customers around the world. Excuse my english but I'm from Spain.
  8. Mine failed too, I'm not sure if failed at the end of November or begining of December, so let's say 1 Dec. 49:9QM5KJGA:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09062:KRATSG:04-09-08:01-12-08:OEM:prim:Spain:(no detect in bios)

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