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  1. Hi, I can tell my experience with Seagate. Same HDD - 1 Tb, 7200.11 version, SD15 firmware. After usage of two weeks, it failed. It was predetermined to fail. Because Seagate put that malfunctioning firmware, maybe also some other manufacturing faults. Now HDD spins, I hear clicking noise. But HDD is not recognized in BIOS. I contact Seagate, they are kind - provided with free UPS delivery. UPS man picked up my HDD, it was delivered for free to Canada data recovery centre. Now they look - HDD not only recognized in BIOS, but also some clicking noise. They say, no we are not recovering your data. If you want recovery, pay 2900 USD (!!!). The current their statement is: "we have been notified by Seagate Technology that your request for free data recovery was declined as your drive had not become inaccessible due to the firmware but rather a physical failure of the read/write heads." It seems Seagate wants to escape they responsibility for restoring data for corrupted firmware HDD. They think they will do only easy job. But there are also HDD which not only have corrupted firmware, but also have clicking sound. I am not sure how to convince Seagate that firmware is corrupt. According Seagate Internet site HDD serial number checking, firmware update is required (SD15 will become inaccessible in the future). HDD is not recognized in BIOS. What else evidence they need that firmware is corrupt? Should I contact the top people in Seagate? If someone else have experience with firmware & ckicking sound of Seagate HDD, please write here. Or to me: rimask at yahoo dot com
  2. One of good indicators is the stock price. http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=STX#cha...ource=undefined December - announcement of new 1Tb HDD. Stock is up. January more news of failing HDD - stocks down. Seagate will announce more on 21st of January. Maybe this 7200.11 issue will be elaborated as well.
  3. Hi, "Seagate Community Forums" are like their HDD. In the morning I cant log in - moderators kicked me out. Probably I was too active. Will have to register under different name. rimask * Seagate Community Forums * : * Access Denied [Error] [Error] Search Community: Seagate Community Forums User Search . Advanced Sorry, you do not have sufficient privileges for that action. Please click the Back button on your browser. Statistics rimask Rim Ask Contributor rimask Total Logins: 120 Total Minutes Online: 1724 Total Messages Posted: 25 Total Messages Read: 2010 Private Messages • Removed Post From: Moderator BradC
  4. Finally I wrote down the details of my failed HDD. Please include into the list. Number in list:Serial N°:Model:Part N°:Firmware:DateCode:SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:OEM/RETAIL:UserName:Country of the User ========================================================================================= 43:9QJ0LL4B:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:09012:KRATSG:-:-:OEM:rimask:Singapore:(no detect in bios) S/N 9QJ0LL4B ST31000340AS P/N 9BX158-303 Firmware SD15 Date Code 09012 Site Code KRATSG WWN: 5000C5000CD087A8 STX-ST31000340AS Product Of Thailand
  5. All these management people should get know the issue. Just no E-mail addresses in the list. http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/about/cor...executive_team/
  6. How about we find E-mails from Seagate managing people and write about the failing HDD problem directly. Cc: will be more visible. Additionally we could include some news agencies (BBS, CNN, etc.). I think then they will start taking the issue seriously - at least when the news would report about it, and share prices will drop. 1. collect E-mail addresses 2. compose the message 3. send. Here are some news from Seagate site, also on 21st is coming. From http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.jsp?loca...000f5ee0a0aRCRD About Seagate > News > Press Releases > Seagate Technology Board Of Directors Appoints Chairman Stephen J. Luczo As President And Chief Executive Officer Seagate Technology Board Of Directors Appoints Chairman Stephen J. Luczo As President And Chief Executive Officer
  7. Hi, I think I used the HDD for 2 weeks only. The I put whole 1 Tb HDD with the data (maybe only 30 Gb free space). After defragmenting few times (<15% free space), the HDD is not more recognized. Sure I have no mechanical damage (tried only replace PCB). I think too, here is some firmware issue. rimask
  8. Hi, Today I got back my HDD from Data recovery service. Since they ask 1000 USD and I dont want to spend so much for 2 weeks Seagate HDD usage, I got my HDD back. The guy at recovery service was rather kind. He says he gets Seagate HDD every day for recovery. Since they have clean labs, they do some head replacements. They get some parts directly from Seagate. He does not advice to do at home, as dust may complicate things. So guys work in clean environment! He says in his experience, HDD from 500 Gb are not reliable, tend to fail. Most problem is head misalignment. Here are his comments after evaluation: "Our data recovery specialist had done an evaluation on your hard disk. There are multiple file structure damage and read write errors on the hard disk due to a head misalignment. The firmware and translator on the hard disk is also corrupted. We will need to use an identical head to replace the head in the hard disk our clean lab, reload the firmware and fix the translator to enable data retrieval. Data should be recoverable if translator corruption is not too severe."