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  1. Wow. Just, wow. Thank you for thoroughly reading the thread and staying completely on top of the issue and realizing that big, bad Seagate has truly gotten a huge, evil deed over on us. Fight "The Power"! Down with "The Man"!! Curse them for doing this to us and then offering to repair the drives for free and offer free data recovery!! That's just totally unacceptable because everything they produce should be 100% perfect! No flaws ever allowed!! Nevermind the fact that if we have irreplaceable data we should have multiple, redundant backups (some offsite), and if we don't that's Seagate's fault as well!! D*** you Seagate!! D*** you to H***!!! </sarcasm>
  2. This page: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/self...=en&Hilite= Specifically this file: http://www.seagate.com/staticfiles/support...D-8-16-32MB.ISO
  3. That firmware will NOT work for that drive, it is for the ST31000333AS drive. The differences between them are: the data density on the platters, the number of platters, and the numbers of heads. The ST31000333AS drives has 3 disks (platters) with ~333GB per disk (~166.666666GB per side) and 6 heads (one for each side of platter) and the ST31000340AS has 4 disks (250GB per disk, 125GB per side) and 8 heads. If you still have SD15 firmware, you should upgrade to SD1A. SD1A ISO file.
  4. If the firmware is SD15 and you have some technical ability, you will be able to fix the drive after reading through this thread. If you don't feel safe in performing the fixes outlined here, then Seagate does offer free data recovery and firmware upgrade for this drive model.
  5. Does the harddrive spin up when you power on the system? If it does, yet the BIOS does not find it, and you do NOT hear any constant click-click-click noise (it would be quite noticeable) then you most likely have the "BSY" problem and would need to reset the drive through it's serial port. That dlethe guy cannot make the ASSumption you have a hardware failure as he did not bother to ask you any specifics about what is happening in your situation.
  6. The new firmware has been pulled AGAIN! Actually no, at least MooseDT-SD1A-3D4D-16-32MB.ISO are the very same (I compared). Gradius Well that's just strange as hell. I went three different paths to arrive at the link above and the page from the 19th was up that said it was in validation. I saw it right before I posted. Now the page is back to normal with the new firmware again. Weird...
  7. The new firmware is out!! http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/self...sp?DocId=207951
  8. Hi, That won't represent any problem. Serial FLASH can support 100,000 writes/erases (yes 100k). We're very very safe here. Gradius The number of re-writes isn't what concerns me. They pulled the firmware for "validation" so I'm wondering if I should re-download and re-flash my drive after they validate the firmware even though the SD1A update on Monday worked for me...
  9. So when the new SD1A comes out, should I re-flash to it again? I flashed three drives (individually of course or they would not be working...) with the second release of it on Monday evening and all three drives work fine. But should I be concerned since they pulled it? My drives are 1TB.
  10. Actually, they removed the firmware from site again. Gradius Well crapola (since I can't "say" the other...). Since it worked for me, do you think all will be okay, or should I re-flash when ver.3 is released?
  11. Updated to SD1A last night after they silently fixed the first ISO with the incorrect flash program. So today my drives are (potentially) safe!! Happy birthday to me!! WOO HOO!!
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