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  1. Dead monitor

    Hey, have you checked the plug to see if the fuse is blown? If you guys in America have fuses in your appliances that is...
  2. Pichi and Fatlip, check your PMs plz!
  3. You sir, are a GENIUS! I'll definitely be looking into that! Does anyone have a terminal and a broken 7200.11 to hand by any chance? I just have some non-destructive commands that need testing...
  4. Any chance I could get my hands on said manual please?
  5. Awesome : Let me know if you find anything useful, I've already got a list of commands and a good idea on which ones to use, but without an actual terminal I can't be certain. Tell me about it! I looked up the RS232 on there and their search showed me a serial cable... FOR £13!! They're con-men I tell you! Haha
  6. Hey there, Yeah, as far as I can understand, any RS232 TTL Controller will do, just make sure it has a TX, RX, 5V and GND. Personally I'm considering going for a USB version that does serial port emulation but that's because motherboard doesn't have a serial port. I think I'll have to buy one soon too, seeing as my friend has given me his broken 7200.11 and I'm running on one right now and expecting it to burst into flames any second! P.S. I'm in the UK too and the cheapest (USB one) I've found so far is around £10ish on eBay, although I don't really fancy waiting 2 weeks for it to ship from China Let me know if you find any cheaper ones