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  1. I have connected my laptop & Desktop Pc thru a crossover cable, and have internet browsing working just fine. But when I try to share certain folders, I can't view them on the other PC? Also I have tried to Ping the PC's but get no response. Failure. How can I share the folders, both using win xp? I also want to be able to browse the DVD rom from my laptop on the desktop since the desktop doesn't have a DVD rom drive?
  2. Ya I did it, thru ICS on laptop(allow network access to other computers thru this in Advanced Tab) & then ICS on desktop. Thanks.
  3. I have my laptop using wireless connection to my router for internet access. Internet works fine on the laptop. Now I have another desktop PC connected thru my laptop using crossover cable to my laptop(rj-45). But I still can't browse the internet on the desktop? How can I browse the internet on my desktop? Both operating sys Win Xp home edition.

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