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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    hehe i bet you dont know dariush (SOLTAN) i am listening to him days and nights
  2. askin for some proxy

    i am leaving in sort of limited country (i mean iran) so i need some proxy to access some website and i tried freegate and ultrasurf . please help me !
  3. requestion about dhcp server

    hi first of all you should really carefull about using dhcp server in your network inviroment (because of some security vulnerability and some technical problem) single server option means that you have only one dhcp server in your inviroment and you configure only one scope in that dhcp server but multiple server means that you have more than 1 authorized dhcp server in your enviroment and more than one scope and you want the dhcp server to be able to assign ip from all of the scope and you should configure them with 80/20 solution (you should assign 80% of your available address of your first scope and 20% of secend scope to your first dhcp server and assign 20% of your first scope and 80% of your secend scope to your secend dhcp server) and about your secend one you should know that routers block the broadcast message and dhcp query is one of them if you want the dhcp query passes through the router you have two choices one:use kind of routers that allow dhcp query (some router do that) or you should use dhcp relay agent on that side of router dhcp relay agent is one server configuerd in the way that it recieve the dhcp query broad cast message and convert it to unicast message with the ip of dhcp server that it can pass through routers you can use install it by adding the rras features to your windows server 2003
  4. hello from somewhere

    hi i am ali ,i just got my mcse and i am really looking forward in IT and i will be glad to get help in my problem