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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Firstly sorry for posting off-topic. Your right my system is stable and I would need to flash the bios in order to use newer drivers, not worth the risk at all. Thnaks again for all your help. Have a wonderful new year.
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I was just wondering, I used the drivers that shipped with my motherboard which are version 5.10.2600.518. My motherboard is an NF4 chipset. My RAID arrays are working fine with the old driver. Will I see a noticeable speed increase if I 1) update the drivers 2) update my motherboard bios
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    You really are a saint! I'm pretty sure I've just deleted the partition somehow. Both RAID arrays are present and healthy and xp sees them as such, so I don't think this is a raid problem. I'll have a little rest and then try to recover my lost partition. I'll keep you posted. Thank you. UPDATE: Just analysing the drive in an attemp to recover the partition. I'm not sure if I overwrote it or just deleted it, hopefully the later. Will take a while to scan fingers crossed. ANOTHER UPDATE: I'd only deleted the partition, I have now successfully recovered it! Hurray! Thanks again for your excellent guide!
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    With Great Joy Comes Great Sorrow..... First thank you for this excellent guide! I came upon this after searching google. I have a KN1 SL1 Lite Mobo and was out of HD space, while I was upgrading my drives it seemed only sensible to raid them. The driver CD came with a helpful folder within the RAID directory called floppyimage and contain the drivers needed. I initially got a floppy drive out of an old unused PC and connected it (I had the case open to fit the new drives so this seemed like the easiest method of installing xp onto a RAID array). Copied the drivers over to a floppy. I was ready. Had to backup my data. I though I'll raid two of my new discs copy everything over and then raid the other two. The two old drives were disconnected so as no to accidentially erase them. Two new drives were connected and I set up a RAID 0. I then reconnected my old HDDs and windows booted as normal. I then copied all my needed files to the new raid array. Hurray halfway there. I then raided my other 2 new drives and booted my xp install cd. I pressed F6 and a short while later loaded both the drivers from the floppy. All seemed fine and I was presented with two drives to choose form so the RAID must of been working fine at this point. I chose my newest array and it begain copying setup files. Then I got a message saying it couldn't copy some drivers, these were the raid drivers. The floppy drives access light was flashing and the drive was whirring but it apparently couldn't copy the drivers, I clicked retry a few times then gave up. I made a fresh floppy on another computer. Still the same problem. I then came across your most excellent guide and downloaded what I though were the correct drivers. Burned the disc and away I went. When it asked me where to put windows it listed 4 discs the first one being the total size of my 1st array and 3 more of random size. I checked my arrays in bios and they were fine. I was very tired and confused at this point and tried to install it on various diffrent discs and partitions before finally realising the RAID drivers couldn't be working. Back to n-lite. I used the same drivers as I did for the floppy as they were they same drivers that got my 1st array running under my initial install of xp so I knew they worked. All went fine and xp setup and booted without a hitch. Then horror my first array showed up as a disc but I couldn't access it! In my previous tired confusion I had deleted the partition and then created a new raw unformatted partition when using the drivers that weren't working properly. Hopefully I can recover the partition Wish me luck!