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  1. that the sepecific file is not found
  2. hello i have been trying to do a clean install with this sony.wim but its not workin imagex\imagex.exe /apply sony.wim 1 c:\ instead of c i put E but the same can any one help me with this
  3. HELLO i m lookin for this driver can any one help me i got sony vaio ns11e because i have a QUESTION MARK on it Generic PnP Monitor
  4. i have a vista dvd i bought it .thats how i got the windows that im using on the laptop after doing vlite but i wanna do it with the reovery parition and get all drivers and stuff i really dont know what to do i have this sony.wim but i cant acces to it with vlite and i cant even install vista from the recovery partition cause i think when i installed vista from the dvd i made thought all drivers are ok but i think sth is messin its the graphic. in the preshippe windows that was installed ther was 2 kind of mobile intel now i have just one and the second one i cant see it
  5. the problem is when i used mod2wim to unhide the recovery partition and get windows vista from it so i can use vlite on it but i got at the end just a file sony.wim thats as just like the windows vista installed i mean no setup like the dvd so i can modifie it, now when i i try to boot from the recovery partiton i cant i get this message modifier les option de demarage modifiez les option de demarage windows pour windows vista chemaim dacces windows /sytem32?winload.exe partition2 disque dur A1b48813 i dont have no recovery disk
  6. hello when i press f10 to boot from the recovery partition i get this message windows/systems32/winload.exe guys is there any thing to fix recovery partition all this happened i think cause i use mod2wim so i get the image of this partition
  7. did you check if its bootable cause it happened to me and i used ultraiso and i made it bootable . cause the iso file from vlite it seem bootable but in reality it does not boot. try to make the file bootable with ultraiso thats what i did
  8. hello i have a question i hope some one answer me can we use the image of the recovery partition that was shiped with the computer and use it to have the original vista i have the sony.wim and when i excrat it with zip7 i get just the widows vista liek if its installed on the partion c . i mean i dont see the setup of windows vista and stuff so i can use it with vlite thanks
  9. hi guys i need ur help i have used vlite to shrink the windows vista and it worked fine but the think is when i burn it it does not boot from dvd it bot but it gives me the message windows boot manager failed to start .... now i want to know how can i make an iso file with vista i got vilited thanks
  10. hello i have been tryin to make my own vista with vlite but when i get through it and i burn it; after that i get this message when i try yo boot from th vlite vista dvd windows boot manager windows failed to start a recent sofware or hardware ..... can any one help me
  11. ok thanks for the reply i will try it
  12. hello i have the same prob i have sony.wim and i want to make a vista dvd home edition but with no success . cause as u know the recovery partiton come out with a lot of sofwares that i dont use. is there any solution to make it work with vlite. or at least just have a original copy of vista just as it is in the recovery partition but without all the sofwares n stuffs thanks
  13. hello i have made my own copy of vista after takin all stuffs from the dvd n using just the vista home edition.the thing is : when i install .the cd does not format the previous windows vista , i get the messsage that the old windows will be located in a old file somewhere .after a while when the installation go through even without formating .i get the message impossoble to make update instalation cant go through is there any thing wrong i did oh before i forget why i cant find a dvd of windows vista home in the internet p2p .i just find windows vista with all versions thanks
  14. yes i will try it . but this sony.wim is an image of the hidden recovery partition that was shipped with the laptop you think it will work

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