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  1. Hi riosilente

    I don't really understand what u are saying...

    U don't use nlite & HFslip. R u using RMVi...?

    If not at all, r u saying u want to apply a default theme using RunonceEx together with your choice theme in a normal environment?

    If not, then what r u trying to achieve?

    What is "universal for all people"? I interpret as ... u already understand that everyone is using WINNT.SIF to set default theme.?

    For "any software to apply automatically this string at WINNT.SIF', I do not know of any. Maybe someone out there knows...

    i'm so sorry but my english is very ugly... :blushing:

    i find solution to my problem

    i look the http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/76/

    and i found solution with a simple file bat!!!

    this file is in a autoextract file (make with winrar) an when extract the file, it puts in



    Modify.CMD in i386 with this code

    echo. >> WINNT.SIF

    echo [shell] >> WINNT.SIF

    echo CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\MyTheme.theme" >> WINNT.SIF

    this bat modify and save the new WINNT.SIF

    p.s. i think a project similar to VistaPack

    p.p.s. tanks for your attention to me!

  2. tanks man!

    I have been read the guide but I am creating an autoextract package "for dummies" and I would want to use folder & regtweak via runonceex

    unfortunately i undestarnd how to change WINNT.SIF "universal for all people"

    exist any software to apply automatically this string at WINNT.SIF?

    in my (crazy) project i don't use nLite

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