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    ok i'll put that on mind... anyway... for me as a beginner, hmmmm... i want an easy way.. hehe.. wt i min is, wen using vlite to modify vista,how can i put this vista activator to run along with d installation... so after the installation completed, everything is ready... "windows activated" ^_^ without connectiong to internet.. my modifications are: 1.unattended (product key and other user inputs) 2.integrated SP1 and removed unnecessary components to run faster during installation //warez talk edited out
  2. bx2gp1


    hmmm... how can i make that reverse integration?
  3. bx2gp1


    ic, i'll try it ^^
  4. bx2gp1


    ok.. lets put it this way.. i have an exe file and i want it to integrate it into vista.. how can i do that?
  5. bx2gp1


    how can i add my bootloader files to the vlite hotfix, it says it requires a .cab file.. i creat a .cab file from CAB creator but still it cant be read by vlite..
  6. bx2gp1

    WAIK problem

    it worked, tnx ^^
  7. bx2gp1

    WAIK problem

    i already have WAIK installed but every time i run vLite it still looking for WAIK... i can't run vLite, why is this so?
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