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  1. greets BR You need to run the patch file directly, the Installshield system is a protection that installs the package into a secure RAM disk, which contains a dialogue system, the game's script locking utility, and a few "search and replace" tools to change the game's character systems for fair gameplay. The whole shebang is all done in RAM, to prevent armchair hackers from discovering ways to put back the hi-kill settings the patch takes down. You won't be able to unpack it with UniExtract as the patch's version of Installshield prevents access to the encrypted data inside.
  2. I'm tired of not seeing anything done with this request of mine. I have packed a small example here. It is the largest file that is in an archive too big to post. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PSTREOLL Target file: Dancing_Dog_.wmv (video of a dog dancing to salsa music) Yes it is a Megaupload link. If the URL above does not work or is censored for any reason, the file code is: PSTREOLL To manually decode the files: Select a file. Right click for the popup menu. Choose "Send To..." Select Universal Extractor. In the dialogue, select "OK" The file will be scanned for its format. It will be detected as a BinHex file. After the process is completed a folder will be created with the correct file name. Select and copy the folder's filename. Open the folder. Select the entire filename of the folder which would be UNKNOWN.001 (you must have file extension visibility turned on for this) and then paste the correct filename & extension in its place. Voila! You now have a playable/viewable file! I want Universal Extractor to have an apartment for extracting files from email files and email file enclosures such as Becky!'s
  3. Becky! .b64 file extraction. Becky! email program has this odd method for creating .b64 attachment files. All the files follow this particular convention: Encoded file is named by adding .b64 to the resultant file name. i.e. Happy_Hallween_Pumkins_&_Butterflys_by_Pac_Creations.gif Encoded file contains NO headers, only the encoded data. Universal Extractor works to decode the file, but it creates a folder containing UNKNOWN.001, which I have to manually move and rename the file. Therefore, Universal Extractor should have a script to check the filename. If the result filename is UNKNOWN.001, and a file extension is detected before the .b64 extension (detects a secondary dot) then it moves out and renames the file to the correct filename. Attached is the file so you can test it out. It's a nice GIF animation from the Yahoo group "CreativeIncredimailLetters" which has a lot of custom GIF animations for decorating emails with. Attachment failed. *sigh*

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