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  1. If you have a nokia usb cable you don't connect extra power. Which cable do you have? Have you reversed the TX & RX cables? TX goes into RX and RX into TX, it is not clear from your wording above.
  2. I have just updated my two drives to new SD1A firmware from old SD1A as Gradius2 suggested. Everything went ok no error messages no problems. I then decided to check both drives in HDTune. Both drives work & benchmark ok but one of them (I believe the one I performed BSY fix but not 100% sure) is not sending info (SMART) to HDTune. Check attached pics and tell me if there is a way to fix this. If not, no problem, as long as I have my data back and my drive works I couldn't be happier.
  3. If I have already updated to the old SD1A firmware will it allow me to update to the new SD1A firmware?
  4. I got a blue ca-42 cable from ebay. That is the only thing I needed to buy. I also used a cd-rom audio cable I had at home. Here is a link from ebay.de with a cable that looks like mine: ca-42
  5. This is my CA-42 imitation. There are 6 wires. 3 visible & 3 on the other side. You need to connect: 1) White (Tx) to Rx on hard disk (yes wires are "reversed") 2) Green (Rx) to Tx on hard disk (yes wires are "reversed") 3) Red (GND) to Ground on hard disk 4) Orange (3.3v) wire is NOT used 5) The Yellow (R3) wire is NOT used 6) Blue (R4) wire is NOT used 7) This the correct order for the hard disk. [Pin] [Ground] [Tx] [Rx] [sATA] Thank you I nearly cried when I saw all my data, it has been weeks. I was afraid I was going to lose them. My hands where shaking during the entire process. I managed to lose two screws but found them I couldn't have done it without gradius, avico, the chap I used the guide of (big pictures with blue ca-42 cable, lost the page sorry can't remember your name). Firmware updated. Very smooth sailing. Couldn't be happier
  6. This is working for me: http://www.nokia.ca/NOKIA_CANADA_ENGLISH_6...81_1_eng_us.msi jaclaz Thank you, I had already downloaded it from a torrent just before you posted but it wouldn't work. As my CA-42 was an imitation copy from ebay I discovered it used a different chip and downloaded a different driver which works fine. Info here: http://verizonwireless.howardforums.com/sh...mp;postcount=47
  7. My CA-42 cable has arrived. I need nokia_connectivity_cable_driver_rel_6_81_1_eng.msi to install it but all the links I have found are dead. Please someone upload the file or provide a working link. I don't want to install PC Suite on this pc.
  8. thanks, I don't have such cable at home, I have ordered ca-42 imitation from ebay, hope it works
  9. avico, What hardware do you recommend I buy from ebay, I'm in Europe, to perform the bsy fix? I'm not familiar with electronics so the simplest the better. Thanks.
  10. it makes no sense, 1. update firmware is not only on pcb 2. drive A will not work with pcb from B 3. firmware update will not fix bsy and cap. 0 problem why cant you fix drive B ? avico, I don't know much about hard disks, I thought I could use my unlocked drive to flash the locked firmware to unlocked firmware. I could fix drive B but I am afraid for my data. If I don't touch the drive the data is still there even if I cannot access them now. There is a big list of different hardware/commands/methods to use. I will wait for someone to make a program and suggest a kit to buy. If it works for many people only then I will try to bring my data back. It is too much of a risk now. For someone experienced or someone who doesn't care too much for his/her data there is no problem.
  11. If you mean 7200.11/ES.2/Diamondmax22 series it will not work. Connect only pcb without hda to pc and recognize it in bios or any other software. there will be capacity 0mb but serial number should be visible. What is that mean? It means that individual for any single hdd data are stored on its own pcb. Unless you do some work (sorry i cant tell you in simple words how exactly you need to do) it will not work. Use your brain/google/help someone and consider do you really have experience and proper tools to do that. @edit: as I underestand you mean swap pcb from another hdd right? Or by swapping you mean removing its own and put back together due all above steps in solution. avico, Sorry I was not clear at all. I will try again. I have two drives ST31000340AS, lets call them A + B. A is good and updated to firmware SD1A. B has SD15 but cannot be seen in BIOS, hd light is constantly on. Can I take pcb from B put it on A, flash the drive to SD1A, then put the pcb back to B. Will this work without damage to both hardware and data?
  12. aviko, from your experience is it safe to swap pcbs and run the firmware for those of us who are not good with electronics/coding?
  13. Thank you Gradius2 AND everyone else involved (you know who you are), please don't fight, vent your anger towards $egate instead I'll be patiently awaiting your "one click solution" since I'm hopeless with anything else. Can you tell me which cable to order (preferably mobile phone one to keep it simple) so it arrives in time for your program. I am located in Europe. Your work is appreciated by all $eagate owners.
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