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  1. Thanks both. I can use admin or power user accounts. But is this drive locking normal or not?
  2. So if understanding right, this IS normal for limited accounts in default installation? In my earlier pc I was almost always logged in as admin, but I don't remember seeing this kind behaviour when using limited account.
  3. I just bought a new xp machine, (sp3), and made an restricted account to be used in most daily situations. What is odd that I can't access any drives expect "my documents". I have to change rights for every current / upcoming drives with admin user, which is quite annoying. I think there was not this kind restriction in my earlier pc, it was sp3 too. I think only "progam files" and others' user folders were locked. Is this normal behaviour? Can it be defaulted to something else? And hopefully this question is seen not million times here, as I didn't find helping posts at least with a quick search.

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