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  1. I have made a vlited Windows 7 installation a few days ago, with the ini file from Kazuni as basesetting and some small things changed to make it fit my needs.

    After installation I found out that Windows update was not working anymore, although I had selected it to keep the files and be sure I would not remove things I would need for it.

    Missing part; Lanmanager.

    But, to be short; at the end I have decided to install the normal Windows 7 iso again and only disable services. On my harddisk the installation is larger then needed now, but the install is working fine and no error messages because of missing components.

    When Windows 7 is a fact and there is something like 7lite, I will defenately use it, but at the moment for the beta I will leave it as it is.

    So I agree with Kelsenellenelvian ;)

  2. I was wondering;

    I have installed my office cd several times because of using nlite and new os installations.

    Now I have installed Windows 7 and office was prompting with the message that I already had installed office on another pc.

    So I called (voicecomputer) and activated my office by telephone.

    No problem ofcourse, but I was wondering if I have to do this every time no, when I install my office again....

    Does someone know the answer?

  3. I do have an Office XP 2002 Professional Dutch installation cd here.

    After installation, menu's are in dutch as also the autocorrection etc....

    I know how to change the autocorrection settings from dutch in another language, but is it also possible to change the menu from native language in english?

    I am asking because I do have an english setup at the moment; all programs in english and os in english.

    In that setup I do not like to have my office in dutch....

  4. Can you tell me how superfetch is working to speedup Vista/Windows7?

    In XP there is a prefetch function for that, but on my laptop the speed difference was not noticable, so I switched off that one.

    Is superfetch doing the same, or is another setup used for it?


    Okay, I know now. But I have read some topics about it and most vista users are talking negative about it.

    A lot of harddisk access, consuming free memory, wrong files in memory etc...

    example here: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vis...-windows-vista/

    I have switched it on for now to see/feel the difference and decide after a few days what to do with the superfetch service.

    But, thanks for pointing me to the superfetch service ;)

    =====Merged post appended here=====

    Okay; here the result.

    After two days of testing with superfetch on, today I disabled the superfetch service and cleaned the prefetch folder.

    After that I did a reboot and from that moment I started again as usual to see/feel the difference.

    And to be honoust, on my laptop there is no difference at all.

    Programs which are once started, are kept in memory with or without superfetch, so except of 'cold start' there is no difference at all.

    And for a cold start, the difference is hardly noticable on my system.

    I think it is good to test it yourself and see/feel the difference before you decide what to do.

  5. After installation of Windows 7 beta, I have about 44 services running.

    Result; a lot of harddisk access and Windows 7 running slower then neccessary.

    My XP installation had 19 services running and harddisk acces was much less because of that.

    Now I have switched off some things like the indexing service, I have disabled the media center stuff, but was wondering if there are more services which can be disabled.

    May be other users can add there experiences on this part of Windows 7 to this topic which can be helpfull for others?

    =====Merged post appended here=====

    Okay, then I will start with the list of disabled services as I am using my Windows 7 beta now.

    I do have a normal install, so no vlited installation or something like that.

    Disabled services at the moment:

    - function discovery provider host

    - home group provider

    - function discovery resource publication

    - offline files

    - server

    - ssdp discovery

    - uPnP device host

    - superfetch

    - windows search

    - win http web proxy auto discovery

    - computer browser

    - dns client

    - diagnostic policy services

    - tcp/ip netbios helper

    - distributed link tracking agent

    - dhcp client

    - ip helper

    28 services running after boot, inclusive NVidia driver and AVG virusscanner services.

    No unneeded harddisk access on background, no indexing etc... and performance about the same as XP.

    Other people with more recommendations may be?

  6. I followed the description as at http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=127712 because I am using XP professional on the computer I am using to make my cd's.

    Is it possible to remove WAIK after I copied the dll to the vlite folder or are other files also needed?

    I am asking becasue WAIK is more then 1Gb which is an awfull lot of space....

    Edit; tried it but unfortunately vLite is starting up with the message to download waik.

  7. Thanks MPalmz.

    I will at least compare your ini file with the one from Kazuni ;)

    About your key;

    I have installed Windows 7 and it seems that validation is taking place after three days automatically, or by hand when you activate the validation process yourself.

    In the meantime there is nothing like a popup or whatever, so may be there is not even a trial key installed, but it will come up after that three days.

    Do not know ofcourse how long your installation is already working.....

    Just my thought, may be I completely missed it, but you never know...

  8. Okay, working now from a fresh Windows 7 install with a working Office XP Professional 2002 including mail and ofcourse Opera 10 alpha preview.

    Although slower then my tuned XP installation, Windows 7 is performing very well on my two years old laptop.

    But, ontopic; I do know outlook is working now, so no answers needed anymore ;)

  9. That's my point.

    At this moment I am using XP and I would like to test Windows 7 and use the beta's till the definitive version is there.

    At that moment I would decide to buy the latest Office version, where I do have Office XP Professional 2002 at the moment.

    2002 does have the same backend as 2003, but unfortunately you did not try it, so you can not tell if it is working.

    About Vista; Opera is working under Vista, so yes then Opera should work under Windows 7 also.

    Thanks ;)

    @the rest;

    Someone tested Windows 7 in combination with Office XP Professional 2002?

  10. I am wondering if the combination Windows 7 beta and Office XP Professional 2002 will work.

    I know that Outlook in Office XP Professional 2002 needs Outlook Express and I can imagine this could be a problem.

    Does someone tested this combi or can someone tell me based on his knowledge of Office / Windows 7 what I can expect of it?

  11. In your case, because you are saying you are not that experienced with computers, it is probably better to use the safe settings from Nlite and not play too much with other settings.

    It is very easy to mark things for removal but afterwards experience the problems when some software is not working...

    About my lines; it is enough to keep Outlook Express in; you can forget my lines, those are used to remove some files you do not need, but is not vital for your Office / Outlook installation.

    You can find the 'safe' settings at the bottom menu of Nlite.

  12. I was wondering, although very small; is it possible to remove the MSMAIL / MAPI without loosing functionality in and between office (Excel, Outlook, Acces, Powerpoint) and Opera?

    I do not know exactly what MAPI is doing. In Opera I am using the program linking for email links. So opening an email link is accessing 'Outlook.exe xxxxxoptionsxxxxx' which I guess is not using MAPI/MSMAIL.

    So in short; why leaving it in?

  13. You have to keep Outlook Express to get Outlook working.

    What I have done to keep my installation small and not having those problems is keeping Outlook Express (so unchecking in the list of things for removal) and then make the %ProgramFiles%/Outlook Express directory empty after install. No problems with Outlook (version 2002 Professional).

    How you can do that?

    In the personal settings for installation (in dutch: Onbeheerde Setup) I have added the following to RunOnce:

    del "%PROGRAMFILES%\Outlook Express\*.*" /F/Q > NUL 2>&1

    I have done the same for system, because the files there are not used anymore:

    del "%SYSTEMROOT%\system\*.*" /F/Q > NUL 2>&1

  14. @Iamtheky;

    Okay, seems it is because I am using XP HOME editition that I can not change the adminstrator name and login like that. I have to add a new user with administrator rights (is nlite saying with a popup, so I guess this is right).

    But now I know why it is, so for me the problem is solved.

    Thanks for mentioning your solution;

    • I have learned now that I also have to save the second ini file (the *_u.ini), where I thought it was a temporary ini file,
    • I now know why it is not working for me with only the administrator account

    Never too old to learn ;)

  15. Hmmm, this is strange.

    I have tried to rename 'the' administrator but ended with setting the administrator and guest to non-active and adding a new user with administrator rights. I will check this later on again, but I am almost 200% sure it was not possible to change the name of the admin ;)

  16. In Nlite, the description for removing Outlook Express (OE) is telling that OE is needed for Outlook from MS Office and .MHT web page support.

    I am using Microsoft Outlook 2002 and because I am not using Outlook Express, I have removed the C:\PROGRAMS\OUTLOOK EXPRESS directory without any problems. Outlook 2002 is still working, Adressbook is working, so therefor my question:

    Is selecting removal of OE in nLite removing more then only the files in OE, is OE needed for installation of Outlook 2002 and as last, is the adressbook from Outlook 2002 the same adressbook as from OE?

    I am asking because otherwise I can select removal in nLite which will result in a smaller install and a more secure installation.

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