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  1. to shorten the code for "setup.cmd" TITLE Windows Update Auto-Execute Tool CLS @echo off ECHO. ECHO Running Windows Hotfix Files ECHO Please wait... FOR %%f IN (*.exe) DO "start/wait %%f" /quiet /noreboot ECHO. ECHO Update Tool Completed! ECHO. pause shutdown.exe -r -f -t 15 -c "Rebooting in 15 seconds..." It should take care of the job without typing each one of those KBxxxxxxx.exe files by hand. Right now, Just in Critical Updates, WinXP has 50 or so Hotfixes. I also left from the "pause" from the original code to notify user when done. Remove line if needed to auto-restart. Good luck. {credit} Automating this process via a batch file --MSFN's Unattended Windows Page http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/23/ **Got inspired by this code to edit for this need.
  2. Great Kudos for the wealth of information on this site. I am having the problem of finding any reference in putting the installation iso into more than one compact disk (CD). I have used the search button over the past 2 days with no luck of finding the subject. The quick solution is to burn it to an DVD. I have been successful in the DVD world. My reasoning for forcing my XP install to go on compact disks instead of DVD's is that I still have one desktop and one laptop both running with CDRW drives in my home. Compact disks just makes a little more on the ease of admin'ing these older machines. Community, if you can please assist me out this I would greatly appreciate it. Even a point [link] in the right direction would be a world of help. Thanks.

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