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  1. Thanks a lot for the help. I've got it working finally
  2. Ok so I just tried nlite. Added the driver and created a bootable ISO. Once it was done I started Nero and selected to burn a disk image and tried to locate the ISO but Nero did not see it. I then extracted all the files from the ISO and burnt it do disc and used nero to make it bootable. When I attempted to boot I got into DOS and went into the CD's directory and attempted to run SETUP, but it said "could not be run in DOS mode" What am I doing wrong and why wont Nero 6.x.x see the nlite ISO file? @DiO, how badly will the speed be affected? Will anything else happen?
  3. Thanks. I will give that a try. This is what I've done so far. Downloaded the intel storage matrix driver from the Lenovo site and extracted it to a stiffy. Started the windows XP load and pressed F6 and installed the required SATA driver. The installation then got to the point just after formatting the drive and requested the intel storage matrix driver disk again, but even though the disk was inserted it would not see it. Second attempt. Went into BIOS and disabled SATA. Loaded windows successfully. Went back into the BIOS, re-enabled SATA, machine blue screened at windows load. Tried runnin
  4. Hi there guys. I am new to the forum. I have a Lenovo N200 and I want to downgrade to XP. I've been searching all over the net but cant seem to find the answers I am looking for. Can someone PLEEEEEASE assist: 1. Can I just do the downgrade by downloading the Intel Matrix Storage driver and putting it on a stiffy (external USB stiff drive) and press F6 before the installation to install the SATA driver? I have read that some people have problems with this method. 2. Can a flash drive be used instead of a USB stiffy drive? Here are the instructions on the Lenovo site, but do they work for down
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