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  1. Windows Updates

    Thanks, I was only leaving some comments after trying HFSLIP tool - I find it very useful. I tried to use nlite, but it failed to produce successfull installation cd XPSP3+IE7 (battery problem - looks like unsigned drivers settins were to blame). Then I found that nLite does more than I wanted (editing sfc.dlls) and since there is this HFSLIP tool that any reasonable user can use, STUDY and, in case of problem, FIX himself, I was delighted. FYI: when trying to install 893803 under XPSP3 message says that newer package installer version is already included. That "question" about IE7 was not really a question ;-) but only information that it was not exactly fresh XPSP3, but IE7 was extra added (so that might caused mentioned symptoms). Anyway, I will try to install really clean XPSP3, then 893803 and report it later. One question about scripting - I am new to cmd, but it looks like pretty good shell (bash is my poison), but can you tell me why HFSLIP does not use parameters when CALL-ing "shell functions" (i.e. CALL :HF %hotfix_filename%)? Some 2K/XP/2003/Vista incompatibility? cmd limitation?
  2. Windows Updates

    Hi tommyp, Looks like 893803 and 911564 are not needed for XP SP3. When trying to install them at fresh hfslipped xp pro sp3, there is a message that tells they are already installed... I also wonder what use is LegitCheckControl.cab because WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe is enough for me to access windows update without downloading/accepting any activex/updates (898461 & 892130 are of course included). Maybe slipstreaming IE7 causes this?