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  1. KB954606 never seems to install

    Unless this update if hurting your work, your fun, whatever, I must tell you, all of the forum entries I have found where people did successfully get this things installed via levers and hammers and such broke something else. Fortunately for me, I am not at all affected in any way I know, and, also, I do not have the technical knowledge for any of these heroic attempts. >>RSM
  2. KB954606 never seems to install

    Hilarity will get you everywhere!! I am going-again, if I can get a question box- into the Microsoft Community boards and raising this issue as more complex now with your experience. >>RSM
  3. KB954606 never seems to install

    iamtheky - You know, I just now brought this forward to this forum, because I am new here. But this issue has been around a long time, months. There are lots of reports on this, I put it in the Vista Community, no one answered. Sorry you are also having this experience. I must say, it has caused me no trouble, and reports of people going to awkward means to get installed show that once they get it done, it just creates other trouble. Best of luck. >>RSM
  4. I hope that I am in the right place, if not please correct me. I searched for this as a topic and found nothing. KB954606 Security update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 never seems to make it on one Vista machine, Vista Home Premium with SP1. It did install fine on my Vista Business machine with SP1. Any help? Any advice? This is my first time here with a question and problem. Any help will be appreciated. >>RSM
  5. I got immediate help with .mp4 codecs for my aging XP machine with WMP11 from Shark007. My Vista machines could play .mp4's just fine; but not the XP. Now, one shot, I am all set. I appreciate it. I will be coming here first next time I have a MSFT problem. I always support any good provider financially. >>RSM