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  1. I'v extracted the file and gotten the iss and put that in the directory. I use the switch ...\Setup.exe -s NOREBOOT /f but it still doesn't complete silently. I have to keep clicking next. does anyone have the switch for that. I looked in the Pinned thread above and found Homesite 5.0 and tried the same switch but that didn't work either.
  2. Macromedia Homesite 5.5 Google Deskbar I Hate Spam Outlook Edition Remote Administrator WinACE Ad Muncher
  3. OK. I followed the instructions. I used the command prompt and navigated to the proper folder and ran setup.exe -R I did not reboot at the end but I cannot find the .iss file. I did a complete search and nothing i also tried setup.exe /r and that did nothing it never creates a .iss file. can anyone help
  4. that worked..thanks i was using the same thing except i had the quotes at the end too and that's what was throwing it off
  5. nope..that's not what i was looking for...THe install works fine. I just dont want it to restart the computer
  6. I am using /s /v/qn which works but it always reboots afterwards I tried /s /v/qn REBOOT=Suppress but it wont even install so i used quotes /s /v"/qn REBOOT=Suppress" and it wont install then either. does anyone have any suggestions

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