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  1. thanks! now i know that when u say "root folder" , u mean in I386 folder ...
  2. thanks, i will try this. btw, 1) the file time.reg, will be copied to hd ? 2) when that import will occur? after the windows installed? or before? 3) all the files in that OEM folder are going to be in %SystemDrive% ? i didnt understand how the reg file will be found.. many thanks!
  3. thanks . but i think i too newb to understand u.. after creating that reg file, where and when do i need to import that? im using the latest version of nlite.
  4. hi there, im looking for a method to make those options UNTICK after an unattend windows xp installation: "automatically synchronize with an internet time server" "automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" many thanks!
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