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  1. Spy bot?

    I have tried to bit to no avail,,,,I have your malware toolkit installed but being a tech a phobe I'm a bit confused to what now???
  2. Spy bot?

    Hi ...I'm back... Been happy with Spy bot for a while now,no pop ups etc etc.Today when I tried to run it,it just wouldnt load..After about 20 times I have given up.I thought maybe I'd done something silly so decided to do a system restore to when it was working.System restore now no longer does anything??? Pop ups all over the place from Internet Ex tried the restricted sites bit and most of the time it says that the particular site is already added.I use firefox but I'll be in the middle of something and In Ex pops up.Its driving me mad.Please can someone help.Ps I have un installed Spy bot and re installed and still no joy!!! :)Omgggg Its still doing it and driving me mad.Can't restore and spybot second download still doesnt load booooo hoooooo
  3. No sound?

    Hi,my daughters satellite pro laptop has no sound.In device manager there is no sound device.I have been to the toshiba website and downloaded drivers for sound.When I ran them nothing happened....I,m so confused as I just cant seem to sort this out.I have tried rolling back drivers etc etc but to no avail???Any suggestions please??? Thanks
  4. popping up all over

    The pop ups I'm getting say UPS widget on them everytime!!!
  5. popping up all over

    I now have major problems had to restart as updates were installed and now i keep getting messages saying the application is not a valid windows image please check against your installation diskette...whats happened?????Have sorted that one out myself..so far so good with the pop ups
  6. popping up all over

    Hi,I'm really sorry but I don't know how to do this???? Also My laptop seems really slow still??? SORRY
  7. popping up all over

    Hi Have downloaded all suggested programmes.....no more [pop ups although a little slow now..however much better thanks
  8. popping up all over

    Hi again installed the malware bytes now gonna find the other two...less pop ups now but did get one as I was trying to log on to here!!!! What would happen if I deleted internet explorer completely??? :unsure:I have installed ccleaner....so far so good??!!!! Scrap that had another pop up( http://adserver.adtechus.com/adiframe/3.0/...;target=_blank) that was the address in bar???
  9. popping up all over

    Hi I have followed you instructions and it said that it was already disabled.I do get the pop ups saying about being infected but I tend to ignore them....??
  10. popping up all over

    Hi...Sir..no I'm all girl!!! How do I do this ???
  11. Hi I have turned all pop up blockers on to prevent them but I still keep getting them.I use firefox and everytime i go online I get internet explorer pop ups.Its slowing down my loading of pages and driving me mad!!! Can anyone suggest anything please????..........It's just done it again!!!I'm a bit unsure of certain removal tools available as I dont want to do any more damage!!
  12. Tortoise style Vista

    Hi,My daughter has a Toshiba satellite pro laptop,os vista basic,she recently has had the memory enlarged which did speed it up a bit,but it still seems really slow to load.I have deleted all rubbish from it and de-fragged.Although this has worked a little,its still slower than my own(xp on HP laptop)I was wondering if there was a programme that would help?? Also,so I don't re-post she has no sound?When I look in device manager there is no driver for this either.Where is the sound card supposed to be located in a Toshiba so I can check??Any response to either question would be gratefully received.
  13. Mozilla crash

    Hi Thankyou...but,I'm such a dumbo!!!I needed to install an update of Java as the said pages required it....typical of me to expect the worst!! Sorry but thanks for answering:)
  14. Mozilla crash

    Hi,sometimes I'll be viewing a page and click on an item,firefox half loads the page then closes to show my desktop??? can anyone suggest anything please
  15. Vista like a blista

    y,wot did i do???