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  1. Wildbill, I am a fellow W2K user and have been following the development of this proggie for a while. Great, great work! I may have expressed my thanks earlier in this thread, but wanted to throw another big THANKS your way. I work on the computer probably over ten hours every day and my eyesight isn't the greatest, so this effort is sincerely appreciated! Is it in the works to have SmoothText also affect Windows' title bars?
  2. Damian666, thanks for the response and great work! I'll wait and see what develops, perhaps try again later. I'd be more enthused if Daedalus was removed from the package.
  3. @Damian666 BPP was set at 32 for desktop, and also icons via X-Setup. That Deadalus component is badly behaved, caused overruns and application start failures for more than one app. Uninstalled! Is Daedalus part of this package? What about the script error, any idea why that happened at startup? I am VERY hesitant to try another install of this package.
  4. Hey, thanks for the work on this. I'm an avid tweaker/optimizer so I thought I'd give Vistapack 2.6 a whirl on my computer. I have Windows 2000 SP4, IE 6. In short, things didn't work perfectly. After installation, I got a script error 216 when starting the computer. Also, IE and Opera 9.62 failed to start. Thankfully, after restoring files and running the uninstaller, repairing IE and re-installing Opera, most things are back in order. However, the icons in my "save as" dialog are now corrupt. Any ideas on how I can restore this? [EDIT] Oh yes, one more thing: The image that replaced the login graphic did not fully fill the available space horizontally; there was some white space to the right. I THINK this might be due to the fact that my screen settings are set to display at 120 dpi. I've seen this before when trying a different login graphic replacer. [EDIT] After playing around with the "effects" icon selection in display properties, I've concluded this "corruption" is probably an artifact of my chosen system color and was not influenced by the Vistapack install attempt.

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