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    WAIK won't install

    I finally figured it out. Downloaded 1.1.6 build of vlite which contains the wimgapi.dll file. Wimgapi is needed to run vlite build 1.2, yet 1.2 does not have it. Then I uninstalled 1.1.6, installed 1.2 and placed the wimgapi file I obtained from 1.1.6 build into the 1.2 build vlite folder. Finally I ran vlite as administrator and vwala! it worked awesome. I made a boot CD of Vista Ultimate 64-bit in about 10 min. Great stuff.
  2. Caquin

    WAIK won't install

    thanks but, I still don't know what to do. I've installed vlite 1.2, then I downloaded the WAIK. But I don't know what to do now. There aren't any tutorials anywhere. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places. Is this more about downloading WAIk and extracting to certain folders for Vlite, rather than "installing" WAIK? caquin
  3. I am new to forums. I love tinkering with software and media. Pretty much just back up the stuff I already own or if I purchase software via digital locker I will burn my own media. Anyway, glad to be here and hope to learn a lot.
  4. I want to make a Windows Ultimate 64-bit CD. I've paid for a license from DigitalRiver and the media has yet to arrive. Anyway, I've installed Vlite. When I start it up it tells me I need to install the Waik first. So I downloaded the WAIK. I tried clicked it to install, and all it is is a 1.35gb iso file. So disc creation programs start up, but nothing installs. Can anyone help me with what is meant by "installing the WAIK"? Caquin

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