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    XP Theme

    Oh dear. she wants the Original Olive one ? (THanks for Zuna and Royal any, i'll be using one of these)
  2. Hi Why does XP take so long to see other computers in my workgroup? Bandwidth is not a problem when I move files, but finding them is always such a sweat. Especially when I right-click (to get the copy command) a shared file on another PC. The computer just about freezes, so I have to kill explorer. I'm guessing that to open a context menu on a network file Windows needs to know about it, so it has to download at least part of the file. But heck, its just too annoying. Any suggestions? Thanks TZ
  3. turnipzoink

    XP Theme

    Hi there I created a slipstream XP removing the fancy XP theme option. I installed it and setup all programs, but now the chick's freaking out cause it looks 'old'. Really don't want to reinstall everything - is there any way I can add these using the original XP CD? Repair install or just copy files over from the CAB? What files would I need? Thanks TZ

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