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  1. I have Windows Server 2008 I work by command "wbadmin" to backup & restore without any problem So here it does not have anything problem. The question is: That after get a new backup I create Child Domain and for some reason I restored the backup. Is there a way to restore and maintain the Child Domain Or should I build it one of the first new??
  2. Hello All, I have windows 7 and I was able to put anything on the flash. But once when you move anything or create a new Folder give me error. When I open Disk Management found that the USB stick put it changed to Read Only. And tried another USB Flash & hard disk the same thing Read Only. What can I do!!!!
  3. query 4 imagex tool

    Hello All, I use CD PE imagex. So I can take a copy of Windows 7 name.wim. And now I want to add the batch file in the CD until the work restore automatically without writing command.. How this can be done
  4. Please Help in the work of Windows that I had the problem I have a copy of Windows Service Pack 2 XPProfessional original I want to put it the following programs only help me to fulfill installed each time when download: 1 - Kaspersky 8 2 - Office 2003 3 - (ACE Mega CoDecS Pack) Codec 4 - framework 1,2,3 5 - Acrobat reader 6 - ACDSee 7 - Ashampoo Burning Studio 2007 8 - Internet Download Manager 9 - Yahoo Messenger & MSN Messenger 10 - Winamp & Windows media player 10 11 - How to bring Hot fix necessary and add to the copy 12 - conversion to the Windows Service Pack 3 The problem is I am able to add No. 2, 5, 6 and the rest of the programs have not been able to add Windows and also requires each time after the inauguration to Activation forced to do the work of Activation from the Internet of course, this is not how I want the work to crack even asking each time and made Activation Permanent copy active at the same time, Genuine. I even also if necessary, to updates from the Microsoft web site as usual. Knowing I do download this version more than a computer at work, at home and Lapps Acialy me. Please Help importance.