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  1. i recently came unto a virus that really really messed up my compy. it is a laptop (gateway mx3414) to be exact. When i went looking for my windows media center 2005 boot dvd it was no where to be found. (havent even see it since i bought my laptop..... not even sure if it came wiht one) i read some stuff about reinstalling off of the windows folder (specifically winnt32.exe) i backed up all of my personal vids and music to a external hd. and proceded with the install. after completeing it for no reason i was running Windows XP sp NONE!!! with no drivers installed. it was all pixelated like an old win95 compy. after emense reasearch i finally located all of the drivers necessary to get things going again. (it was a nightmare) i thought everything was fine but then i realized that almost everything was missing. the calculator, the wmp i meant it. EVERYTHING!! and i kinda compy savy but not all technogeekafied. So after 3 more nightmares and 16 B*tch outs from my wife i finally go a hold on those through the microsoft website. ( just doing a add/remove progams run was not successful do to almost all my data being lucifers stool. well about 2 months later i noticed (niavely thinking that macho man matt was able to fix all things.... BWAHAHA. i tried to run counter strike source on steam. and then i discovered the one thing that is still killing me to this day!!! WMI is corrupt. when i run the microsoft script it says that there are 1700 errors in it. and please dont give me the obvious fixes. i.e. "just stop serviced and delete the blah blah". ive done it all. really. google has been my savior so far. but now i am helpless. please help. ask questions and i will graciously give any and all additional info you may need. ps. i am still on windows xp but now sp3.