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  1. well men I'm looking for the switch too, I install the flashget with /S switch but the google toolbar is installed too and i dont want it.
  2. Hi guys, well Im trying to find the apropiated switches to install Aqua Dock but i can't find anything, I already try with: /s, /S, /quiet, /QUIET, /passive, /PASSIVE, /silent, /SILENT, /verysilent, /VERYSILENT and nothing, anyone works......SOmebody have the apropiate swith to a silent install of aqua dock 1 ?
  3. thanks man ,you are the man xD.......that's exactly what I was looking....the page http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/ is great....thanks again man........... sees the hour, until this hour still being searching XD (4:05am venezuelan time)
  4. just where i been looking for....thanks man....
  5. Well ,my name is javier and I'm from venezuela and mu english is no so good, so I apologized for that .... Well, my problem: My problem is that I'm newbie, thats all xD.... The truth is that i dont know very much about WPI or unattended installations, but I am here to learn about, well I was trying to find switches to install each respective application with WPI, but I have not found the majority, or some that I have not found me work, I look at this I let you here the list of programs that I want to include and well if yo uan tell me the respectives switches for each applications Otherwise, I must necessarily put, switches, each respective program or not?, Because on some post and other page I read that some applications will not put anything alone address and nathing else. adobe_reader_6.0 flash_player_(opera) flash_player_(IE) aqua dock 2 Aspi 4.71.2 Avg free 8 Ccleaner 2.12 FFDShow flac free mp3 wma converter 1.7.2 Internet explorer 7 irfanview 4.2 Isobuster 2.3 java .net framework 3.5 microsoft core xml service 6.0 live Msn 8.5 Nero 7.9 ultra edition Office 2003 office 2003 SP2 Opera 9.6 orbit downloader 2.7.6 partition magic 8 pc_inspector file 4.0 powerdvd 8 PowerISO 4.2 SHN codec Shockwave_player_(opera) unlocker 1.8.6 utorrent 1.8 winamp 5.53 msn plus 4.70 WinPcap 4.0.2 winrar 3.71 xvid codec zone alarm 7.0 Some of the program here, I install them in spanish. well, take care, i hope somebody can help me......

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