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  1. Why can't I Get Internet?!? I'm living in a dorm, and I'm trying to use my roommates internet (we're sharing the cost). Anyway, My VISTA computer shows that it is connected to the router (and I can see other computer's on the network sometimes). However, I can't get internet, but my roommate can get internet both wirelessly and not. Even when he's not connected to the internet at all, I still don't get internet. Yet when I connect to the router via a cable, I DO get internet. What is wrong? Here is some information on the wireless network connection status: IPv4 Connectivity: Local IPv6 Connectivity: Limited Media State: Enabled SSID: TREV DSL I'm pretty sure I have everything enabled on my computer that needs to be, because I can get internet on a different router. If you could help me, that would be REALLY nice (currently, I'm stealing one bar of signal from an unknown neighbor and it's really inconvenient...). Again, this is a Vista computer (Yea, I know...) so try to use instructions for the Vista operating system, not XP. p.s. I've made the network Private, so it doesn't really have to do with anything like that I think... but I don't really know. Also, I would have just called the company, but the warranty has expired... so, I'm stuck

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