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  1. I just read your post and it's very close to what I want to say, 'cause I found the way to have success with x64 LIP integration and decided to share it. I did the integration and vliting in two phases: I first integrated Ukrainian LIP only, applied changes to the image, closed vLite and then did tweaks and other staff to that already modified, i.e. vLited, image. Now I have much smaller distribution of Vista Ultimate x64 with Ukrainian interface integrated.
  2. A very good advice, but not for vLite... unfortunately. LIP cannot be integrated using vLite, especially (and I believe ultimately) into a 64-bit version of Vista. I experienced it myself a couple of times with Ukrainian LIP for Vista sp1 64-bit intergration, and I am not the only one with this unpleasant experience. C.p. http://www.msfn.org/board/Error-integratin...641#entry781641
  3. I don't want to admit I was inattentive, but this will be a lesson to everyone else: YOU CANNOT INTEGRATE 64-BIT HOTFIXES AND LANGUAGE PACKS IN vLite UNDER A 32-BIT VERSION OF WINDOWS (which I tried to do)! 64-BIT WINDOWS ONLY.
  4. Hello everyone! I badly need help with vLite 1.2 as I cannot integrate Ukrainian language interface pack into my Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit ISO image. The reason is that the checkbox beside "Enable" won't enable somehow. Besides, I had problemds with WIM Filter, so I installed vLite 1.1.6 first and then vLite 1.2 to install WIM. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I just don't want to download that 1,5 Gbyte WAIK. Please, help!
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