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  1. windows virtual server 2005 sp2

    I install Windows Virtual Server 2005 SP2 but whenever I try to start, a message appears in Internet Explorer to ask for a user name and a password to access. the problem is that I do not know what to do to access. Does anyone can help me?
  2. I have a problem, I can not use the virtual windows server 2005. when I install I can not use, as is asking for a user name and a password to use, but I know that you can use without having to connect to an access point and run alone in my machine. Does anyone can help me. thanks
  3. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    I wish that I helped. I have a laptop hp and the O.S. is the XP Home Edition and wanted to install xp professional but that happens when I try to install it does not recognize the hdd, already created a CD with nlite and incorporated the drivers from Intel for my disc. when I try to install it again recognizes the disc (the controller intel for my disc are (intel® 82801gbm/ghm(ich7-m family) seria ata storage controller - 27c4) and makes all of the installation smoothly, but after you finish and do the reboot so that the screen appears the windows disappears and appears very quickly a blue screen and back to reboot. anyone can help me
  4. how to put driver

    But it is to make a cd boot, no need for the driver but for xp by the installation CD in order to recognize the disk during the installation procedure
  5. how to put driver

    the laptop is and dv5184ea an HP disk is a Fujitsu mhv2080bh.
  6. how to put driver

    I need to put in a CD of Windows XP Professional driver's for my SATA hard disk, because during the OS installation does not recognize the disc and a laptop as I have not got any floppy disk, so I remember this solution. I have nlite but I must know some tips on how to use. Thank you
  7. how to put driver

    Hello. Who can explain to me I would installation CD, with SATA driver for my laptop. thanks