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  1. Thanks Groucho. I just joined up to sing your praises. I ran this fix, and it provided instant relief for this annoying bug on my XP Pro SP2 with nearly all recent updates - none of which fixed this bug. However, I did disregard your advice on how to "install" and run it. I prefer not to hide things deep in system folders and the registry, so I stored the exe file in a "utilities" folder where I keep many such goodies, and instead of running the accompanying .reg file, I put a shortcut to the exe in the Startup folder of my "Start > All Programs" menu (where I can have more control over automatic startups). After running the exe, you can check that it is resident in memory, running in the background, by checking the (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) Task Manager. It is listed in the Processes tab. If you need to for any reason (e.g. short on memory), you can end the process from there. For some reason, the effect of the fix even outlasts killing the process that way. My tooltips are now behaving correctly even though I ended the process and then tried to reproduce the bug by the method suggested by Groucho in post #10. (Thought you might find that bit of feedback of interest.) Thanks to both of you. I downloaded this, but like Harpo, chose to run it via the Startup folder. Works like a charm.

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