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  1. floz

    nlite folder problem

    thanks for your response, i got the iso image off the windows website. it doesnt have the i386 folder but wen u click on the self extracting cabinet it extracts that. i burnt the cd using nero 7.
  2. floz

    nlite folder problem

    i think it might be a problem with the iso im using, and that copying it when mounted isnt getting all the files. does anyone have a link for sp3 that i can download from because i thought i picked the right one?
  3. floz

    nlite folder problem

    please help someone! i really want to get this sorted
  4. floz

    nlite folder problem

    noooo, nlite will NOT let me select the folder/source, keeps saying please select the folder with i386 or amd64
  5. floz

    nlite folder problem

    when i say noob, im not too bad, i know my way around etc, like use vm to test etc. i jus mean i dont know all the programming codes that are sometimes reeled off. Anyway i digress. i did try that, copied all from the mounted image, and it kept saying that i386 or amd64 were not there?
  6. ok, im trying to make an nlited version of xp sp3 for my netbook cus they are not that powerful. but everytime i open nlite and click next choose the folder it says please select the folder containing i386 or amd! i used daemon tools to mount an image i downloaded from ms. then copied the folders across to c:\ (i did have to use the autorun to extract the i386 folder) any ideas? i am a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff but i do know my way round a computer to an average amount Thanks!

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