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  1. Okay, I've managed to beat past this issue. The problem 80004005 is reporting is due to a prebuilt Dell partition on the laptop. Clearing the partition manually using Diskpart allows the build to progress past this point. Everything goes fine until the very end of PE build where I get this message... The action "sysdriver" failed with exit code 3. So I'm now trying to nut that out. Anyhoo, if nothing else hope this helps anyone with a similar issue. ; ) Edit: Mmmm'kay, looks like that error is because I haven't uploaded the final driver cab to the deployment (we were holding off until we had a driver worth cabbing).
  2. Hi all. We've been doing the usual update shuffle after receiving our new Dell model lappys and I've run in to a total stonewall getting the RIS install done. OS: XP SP2 SMS 2005 We originally had the typical issues in text mode, missing driver then incorrect driver, both of which have been addressed by finding different drivers and/or hacking the driver inf files and/or putting them in the correct location in \RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Images\imagename. But once the install proceeds in to the PE visual environment, it stops shortly after with the "80004005" error, which is typically NIC/mass storage drivers. I have tried (driverwise): Dell latest (R190974) Intel latest (e1y5132.INF (Windows XP 32 bit); $Revision: 1.20 $) including the RIS specific drivers (which seem to be reduced size) Driver Pack LAN 8053 Roguespears modified drivers The driver that works in text mode is the Dell latest + this hack (see the post titled "Answer Re: Error "the selected driver is not applicable to any supported platforms" importing DELL NIC driver for Vista32..."). I have also tried size reduction on this INF by reducing the help files and removing foreign languages Using the osdshell.lab.exe substitute to open a command prompt, I've found I can get an IP via ipconfig and the drive shows up in Diskpart. I can net use to bind to a drive on my PC, and can browse the drive well enough to recover the OSDlogs to my PC. I can ping our MP/DP's FQDN. But all is to no avail, I cannot get past the 80004005 error. Attached are the logs (in Trace32 screenies, I hate trying to wade through text blobs ; ). The one thing that stands out is "package path not set". Similar to this problem, except we are using ZTI and our DP is our main (and only) DP, whereas the other example is the package not working at one secondary site. If anyone has any inspiration, I'd be very greatful for any advice.. =) OSDShell.log OSDInstallWizard.log OSDInstallCD.log