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  1. Hi kickarse, I like to use your DriverForge Tool to integrate drivers to a Bart-PE environment at boot-time. Bart-PE has its own PnP-detection. Useing your DriverForge under Bart-PE i lose some Storage-Devices within the Windows Explorer. Furthermore your Tool needs a long time under Bart-PE. Is it possible to modify your tool to inhibit the PnP-Hardware detection? I need a Tool which only copy the driver-files to there propper Folders and build the INFCACHE.1
  2. Hello MadBoy, i dont use nLite and did not disable help and support. psycho2k has error Nr. 80041013 and i have 80040154. regards soso
  3. Hello MadBoy, i get the following error message on a win-xp-home computer:

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