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  1. k.. should be the last question.. :/ when i go to download that.. it shows all the different ones.. but my chipset is 960 .. would it still be compatible? Also, do i need to find all my drivers for XP? Heres what it says..
  2. Thank you, I looked on the site, and this is what i found... http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/sb/CS-025753.htm So it would be the center download for my chipset correct? And I get the one for XP correct? since ill be reverting to it.. figuring so. Also.. if i used that center one.. it brings me to a list of things.. drivers and then software... http://downloadcenter.intel.com/filter_res...4&submit=Go! So I should dl the 2nd link correct? Now i need to find a someone with XP that will allow me to use nlite on thier comp..
  3. Well, i wasnt having a problem with Vista at all for a while, but I started playing a game called Last Chaos, and.. having a integrated video card, and the system using or "storing the memory" or whatever it does lol.. but i started playing the game and with having the memory being stored for other things, its putting the system usage up to ~1.1 gig with running the game and after a while it crashes. I had no problem with the game on my old computer (though it didnt have a integrated video card..) which probably part of the problem im having. As for nlite, ty for the heads up. Also, I have used msconfig, and turned off alot of the preinstalled, and installed things that i have installed, turned them off. (which is how i got down to 500 as it used to be ~700 )
  4. Vista is great in some ways.. but its using way to much of my RAM... ~515 just for system crap.. this is my computer http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su...;ListType=Model Hitachi HTS542516K9SA00 ATA Device <-- The Harddrive I wanted to try and use that NLite program that ive read about, since i dont want to go out and spend the money on an outdated usb floppy drive.. could anyone please help me finding the driver i need to get my computer to load xp? Also, if there is anything else i will need, please let me know :/ like should i get ALL drivers for xp? or what.. first time downgrading from an OS.. and they sure didnt make this one to easy to downgrade..
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