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  1. using AIK for win7 as p1 shown: set the SkipMachineOOB session function as "true" of a Unattended.xml create deploy.cmd file with start /wait %windir%\system32\oobe\windeploy.exe net user Administrator /Active:yes lay it to system32 as p2 shown: go into reg, set the "cmdline" velue as "deploy.cmd", in hkey-local machine-system-setup,(defoult velue is empty!) run sysprep.exe with using /unattend:Unattended.xml eg: sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /quit /quiet /unattend:d:\xxx.xml finish and make pakage! i learn it from one of my friend's<step by step,sysprep ur win7>, and he make a auto-sysprep tool(incl. srs). oh "Upload failed. The file was larger than the available space" about p2, but i guess u know what i mean without p2
  2. u need kx driver, search in google,now the newest version is 3550.support vista and win7
  3. anybody help me,thx a lot split ultimate version from 5 visions of msdn win7 iso i mean without vlite,may i need aik? answer: imagex /export src_file src_number src_name dest_file dest_name {/boot | /check | /compress [type] | /ref [splitwim.swm]} eg. imagex /export c:\win7\sources\install.wim 5 d:\win7u\install.wim "windows7 ultimate" find instruction from aik for vista
  4. save to an XXX.reg file and run it Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\runas] @="admin gets all rights" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\runas2] @="admin gets all rights" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\runas2\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\runas] @="admin gets all rights" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t"]
  5. i guess that ms had put some press on nuhi in july 2008,a biggist chinese pirate of winxp, with much "advanced" xp modification and encapsulation technic, was down. and the master had been put into prison.since that, most of xp modification and encapsulation technic forum of China anounce that"we do not do modify work any more,do not ask...". in china we call that ms's anti-pirate storm, it's not hard to find ms hate modification of its products,exept himselfs. but the pirate's modified xp has take much business benefit, like some ad. or some cant-say-clearly programs.nuhi does not, just moddify,without any "seasoning". hope Mr.nuhi continue his work!
  6. as topic title, times and times again i fail, with vilte 1.2, it drive me crazy plz why and how should i do ,thx a lot! i use lenovo original vista disc and dowmload the sp1 from ms does vlite doesnt support integrat sp1??

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