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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    D: Haha, ahh I see, so pretty much scrap Server 2003 on this one and use XP? Over the years I've bought 95, 98, XP, XP x64, 2003 x86 Web Server (I was BROKE after s2k3, but my goodness, it's the most responsive OS I've ever used, which is why I want to use it.), Vista x64/x86. I'm pretty much an OS junkie. Also, I'm off to DL the latest nForce package. Edit: I've downloaded "15.24_nforce_winxp32_international_whql.exe" which is the latest nForce driver package for my 8200, and I'm in the process of DL'ing nLite again. Edit: I had been downloading GeForce 8 drivers. Xl Edit: Also, please remember I'm using Server 2003 for my OS, not XP.
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Oh no, let me clarify as I have been dropping information vaguely. I'm using an XP distro of these drivers for Server 2003 as they have compatible architecture. I'm not using the latest drivers straight from nVidia because they don't have the SATA_IDE, etc. folders. Never have I used a floppy disk. I DO NOT plan on using one, or else I doubt I would have any problem in the first place. No no, I was talking about the "floppy" folder within the SATA_IDE. Sorry for my lack of detail. I am in the process of using your method, as I just got home. Edit: I tried your method and it didn't even detect the hdd during the blue install, I'm doing to create my own method, and pray that it works. SATARAID as TXT SATARAID as PnP SATA_IDE as TXT SATA_IDE as PnP My logic; load 'em all and everyway and hope it works. Then the rest of my drivers such as ethernet display and what-not. I'll post my progress here in a bit, and once again, I really appreciate your help, you're an amazing person for attending to this thread so often, I must say. Progress: Still didn't work! Amazing, it must be something more than just these drivers. I was able to finish up everything save the GUI once again. I'm wondering what is going on, because it can restart and I can see the boot screen. If I can see "Windows Server 2003" and the little load animation bar, then shouldn't it be able to read from the disk? I mean, this is a part of the OS, correct? What could this be? Rig: Acer Aspire X1200 AMD Athlon x64 X2 5000+ 2.6 GHz 4GB DDR2 Memory 320GB Western Digital HDD SATA SCSI IDE nVidia 8200 Chipset/Integrated Graphics (mGPU)
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I'll try that, I had first tried SATA_IDE (full folder) as PnP drivers alone, and it wouldn't detect (did this this morning before I left for school). I wasn't thinking clearly and it became obvious when I was fully awake. I then rewrote the installation as SATA_IDE (full folder) PnP and SATA_IDE (floppy) for textmode, I got it to read the hdd and partitions during the "blue screen" install, and once again it was successful during the GUI hardware detection part however it gave me the STOP errors once again during the last reboot. I never thought about using the RAID folder at all, since I never thought I would need it, but I'll try it out when I get home.
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I'm using the "nforce_winxp_18.11_english_whql" distro, which is an older version, not the latest from nVidia, but the reason for using this pack is that it contains the SATA_IDE and SATARAID folders within it. I have tried combinations of SATA_IDE and/or SATARAID, and it has done the trick from what I know, at least one of the combinations of textmode/PnP driver has worked for me. I apologize for my lack of information, and AHCI is not mentioned at all in my BIOS. Edit: BIOS starts up, "Detecting IDE drives..." What my situation looks is pretty simple; when I start the installation with the right integration it reads the disks, and I can proceed with installation. If I don't integrate, no disk detection and this leads to an obvious lack of partition detection. However, after the "blue screen" installation, and the reboot, I get to the GUI part of the installation interface. At this point the installer detects hardware, and finishes successfully. When I restart, during the OS boot screen, I get cut off, and receive the STOP error BSOD messages. I further apologize as I had documented the exact error code(s) it had given me, as I wanted to find out their meaning, but have lost them. My confusion comes from the idea of nLite helping with the protection of my integrated drivers, regardless of proper (or what I thought was proper) integration of the nForce/GeForce drivers I get BSOD'd at the last reboot, which is mentioned in your guide. I am quite troubled with this situation, and have (admittedly) done little research on this condition. To be more accurate, I've done days worth of research to solve this problem, yet have found no solid answers. I greatly appreciate your time. Edit: I'm going to reattempt to scrap together my OS build, and integrate precisely these drivers (which I used in the successful attempts) as PnP drivers. I will post my results here as well. Thanks again!
  5. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hey Fernando, I need some help, and I registered for this reason alone, I'm sick of Vista's performance crap, so I'm moving back to my s2k3, as it's blazing fast. I have a nVidia 8200 chipset, and I already have the drivers, I've tried all this integration stuff over 8 times, that's writing and rewriting dvd-rw's and cd-rw's. It's getting annoying, I don't wish to be insulting or rude, but your instructions are very unclear, one paragraph you state a MS IDE driver suppression, which is my main problem, since I can never get past the final hardware detection part of the installation, but in the rest of the instructions, you never mention it again. So, therefore I do not know how to bypass this problem. Could you teach me how I could go about installing/integrating these drivers through nLite, so I can suppress the MS IDE drivers? As I've said, this is my main problem, as the hardware installation section works fine through and through, but when I restart I get the dreaded STOP errors which are obviously associated with mainly drivers in this scenario. I have a SATA IDE system. No RAID as far as I know. Thanks a billion in advance.