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  1. Well, I integrate My update pack first containing KB971513 (uiautomationcore.dll version 7.0.2600.5884), then I integrate AllinOne addon iether T13 or runonceEx; both works : the new version is kept. So my strategy is ok. The exe file doesn't replace new version file on a live system
  2. Another detail about .Net 3.0 : installs uiautomationcore.dll ver. 6.0.6001.17014. But I use an update pack which contains KB971513 (uiautomationcore.dll version 7.0.2600.5884). After integration and installation, it seems to keep 7.0.2600.5884 in spite of .Net Addon and his old version of this file.
  3. Hi Strel, Problem with 1.1 addon : the language pack for 1.1 (localized) is still requested by M$ update. Tests done with All Framework merged addon. Moreover, this lang pack isn't present in installed programs list. What about it ? Thx for your work.
  4. That's what I tried to explain with my bad level and my bad english sorry.
  5. We work with .NET 3.5 SP1 full redistributable and your .net Maker. Update required for 2 days. All the hotfixs listed here are present; no update required 3 days ago. Some people solve this problem I quote a changelog : 29/01/09:Added KB959209 without applying msp's to msi's, so windows update could detect it. 27/12/08:Added KB959209. When I check Microsoft Update and install update : 16.80 Mo of components are necessary; like kb959209 total size (3 files). But these 3 files are in folder with .net maker .. I don't have more information about that for the moment. But anything happened.