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  1. Keep getting txtsetup.sif is corrupt,,,

    OK, it worked using nLite in XP Pro x64, installed with no errors on vmware. So it obviously has something to do with using nLite in Vista x64. The only thing I didn't try was running nLite in XP SP2 Compatibility mode. I'll try it and see what happens. UPDATE: Set nLite to run as Admin and in XP SP2 Compatibility mode, and it worked!!! Made 2 different ISOs and both worked just fine
  2. Keep getting txtsetup.sif is corrupt,,,

    I did use an x64 OS, Vista Business x64. i just made a new disc in XP Pro x64, I'm downloading VMware right now because I'm tired of wasteing cd's ,,,lol I'll report back with the results.
  3. Keep getting txtsetup.sif is corrupt,,,

    I did try a clean source, I tried it several different ways only to get the same result. The pic is just from one of the resulting ISO files I didn't delete yet. I will try it later today using XP x64, now that I have it installed, because I would like to integrate a few more things.
  4. Keep getting txtsetup.sif is corrupt,,,

    I noticed something else when I opened the finished ISO with ISOBuster, the layout is different, not sure if this is normal or if it will help but here's a couple pics, one of a stock ISO and one of nLite ISO. I also attached a rar file of both sif files. Yes, the driver was x64, but I don't believe it had anything to do with the driver because I tried it without too, as mentioned above. Stock ISO nLite ISO sif_files.rar
  5. Keep getting txtsetup.sif is corrupt,,,

    Well, that's partly why Im doing this is to install XP x64, I'm going to try a couple things, I'll report back. UPDATE: Well I tried doing it under the "hidden" Administrator in Vista and ended up with the same results, ended up having to to it the old fashioned way.
  6. Got the latest version of nLite and I slipstreamed SP2 into XP Pro x64, I also did HotFixes and one sata driver. Went to install and get the error "txtsetup.sif is corrupted or missing, status 14" So I redid it without the driver, same results, did it without the hotfixes same result, did it with just slipstreaming sp2 same result. I did all this on a Vista Business x64 system. My original disc works fine to install, I double checked it. I've never ran into this before with nLite and I've slipstreamed alot in the past. Where is this txtsetup.sif suppose to be? Why is this happening? Should I be running nLite on a x86 system? Am I missing something? TIA